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The content described in this article is only suitable for Lenovo E49A notebook. After the content in this article, the use of Mac OS 10.9 has reached the standard for normal operation, and the degree of perfection is better.

The results are as follows: the video card, network card (RTL8168), sound card, battery, and USB are all properly driven; the wireless network card (RTL8192ce) is not properly driven, this built-in Nic does not seem to have a Mac driver.

Windows 8 installation, relatively simple, there are a brief description of the previous post:

Before installing Mac, you need to enter the BIOS for two settings:

1. Change the video card to an integrated video card.

2. Change USB3.0 to 2.0. Otherwise, the USB flash disk may not be recognized.

Disk Partition

Start with a USB flash drive and run DiskGenius for partitioning (Ensure that the hard disk is an MBR Partition Table, instead of a GPT Partition Table). The partition is as follows: C/D/E (all are 100 gb ntfs partitions ), L (6200)/M (the remaining space is about 150 GB), L and M are not formatted, L is used to burn Mac installation image, and M is used to install Mac.

Software preparation

Software Download link:

The software features are described as follows:

Mavericks_10.9.3_13D65.cdr: OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 (13D65) lazy version installation image, more than 5G

Win Chameleon Install 2281: Mac Installation tool, Windows 8 + Mac Dual Boot Guide

Extra dedicated for IVY processor HD4000 graphics card: graphics card driver. decompress the package and place the Extra directory in the root directory of L (after L is burned) and M (after Apple is installed ).

HFS + for Windows 10.2.7z: After Windows 8 is installed, you can view the Mac partition file under Windows 8.

Hard drive helper v0.3.7z: After Windows 8 is installed, install the software to mirror the Mac installation file to the L disk so that the chameleon can install Mac Based on the L disk. Driver package

Kext Kext Driver Installation Tool

Install Mac 10.9.3

Install chameleon

Note: before running chameleon, install. Net FrameWork 3.5.

Run Chameleon Install.exe as an administrator. Click Install as follows:

At this time, restart the system and enter the chameleon startup interface.

Install HFS + For Windows 10.2

Run the MSI file directly and install it in the 10-day trial mode. After the installation is started, enter the serial number when prompted.

I will repeat it again. It is first installed in the 10-day trial mode. After the installation is started, enter the serial number when entering the serial number of the body.

Use hard drive assistant to write Images

Run the hard drive assistant as an administrator. Remove the checkbox selected except for writing. Select the Mac image file and then select the partition L. This sequence cannot be wrong. Otherwise, the hard drive assistant is disabled, open it again, as shown below:

After, start writing to the L disk. After successful writing, the interface is as follows:

Go to the L drive, delete the Extra directory, and put the Extra directory after "Extra for IVY processor HD4000 graphics card" in the L root directory,

Go to L: \ System \ Library \ Extensions to delete the following files

All files starting with AMD

AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. kext

AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient. kext

6 files starting with AppleThunderbolt

8 files starting with NV

All files starting with IOBluetooth

Start installing Mac OS 10.9

Restart, And the chameleon will boot into and select the Mac OS Install Disk (this is actually the L disk under Windows 8). After a few minutes, the language selection interface will be displayed, as shown below:

Select the language, click the arrow to continue, and the "Install Mac OS X" interface appears. Click continue, and then click agree to go to the target disk selection stage. At this time, to select "use tool" at the top of the screen, select "disk tool" as follows:

Note: select the target disk for Mac installation (the unformatted M Disk Under Windows 8). However, this function is named after a number, which may be disk03, the disk size can be further used to confirm whether the disk is correct. Data will be erased, if the disk is selected incorrectly...

Therefore, you must select the disk

Select the disk and click "erase,

Format: "Mac OS extension (Log Type )"

Mac OS 10.9

Then click erase,

After completion, click the red close button in the upper left corner, as shown below:

Select "Mac OS 10.9" and install it as follows:

Start the installation process. During the installation process, move the mouse or space key as much as possible to avoid sleep the computer.

The installation is completed in less than 30 minutes.

Fix Windows Startup

After the installation in the previous step, the actual active boot partition (C) of Windows has been set to not active, so this status cannot enter Windows8, Mac is not complete, and Mac is not supported, therefore, we need to use a USB flash drive to start Windows 8 PE and use Windows's disk management function to set Windows boot partition (which should be C) as activity, in this case, C and M are actually active partitions.

At this time, you can restart your computer and enter Windows 8.

Modify content on Mac OS 10.9

Restart. After Entering Windows 8, copy the Extra directory above to the root directory of Mac OS 10.9 (Disk M.

Go to the \ System \ Library \ Extensions directory of mac OS 10.9:

Delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. kext

Delete AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient. kext

Delete AppleSmartBatteryManager. kext

Delete 15 files starting with AMD

Delete five files starting with AppleIntelHDGraphics

Delete 6 files starting with AppleThunderbolt

Delete seven files starting with GeForce

Delete 7 files starting with NV

Delete AppleHDA. kext

Delete four files starting with ATIRadeon

Delete all objects starting with IOBluetooth

Fix Mac OS 10.9 disk Permissions

Restart, select the chameleon boot, select the Mac OS Install Disk, and continue. After the language is selected, directly select "system tool" -- "disk tool" -- "select Mac OS 10.9" disk -- fix disk Permissions

A few minutes later, the permission is fixed. Click the apple icon in the upper left corner to restart the system. After this restart, you can select the "Mac OS 10.9" disk to enter the Mac system, in fact, only the video card driver is good, and other network cards, sound cards, and batteries need to be further installed.


You can access the installation disk and use the disk management of the installation disk to repair the system disk file permissions. This is a method that is used in mac pe when the system disk cannot be accessed after some driver files are replaced;

If the driver is installed and you cannot access the system, perform the following operations.

Install driver

NIC Driver: RealtekRTL81xx-0_0_9.pkg, double-click to install successfully, restart the machine, Nic takes effect, after the configuration, you can access the Internet.

For drivers in other Kext formats, use the Kext Wizard tool for installation. Refer to this post:

Sound Card Driver: VoodooHDA. kext. After installation, the sound will appear.

Battery drive: VoodooBattery. kext. After installation, the battery power is displayed.

USB driver: PXHCD. kext, IOUSBFamily. kext, and IOUSBMassStorageClass. kext are USB drivers, but I have not identified the USB drive. I don't know why.

Wireless Network Card: the wireless network card model of Lenovo E49A is RTL8192ce. This network card does not have a Mac driver. Generally, you will choose to spend 20 yuan to buy this wireless network card, AR5B195, the driver is the three, IO80211Family. kext, IOath3kfrmwr. kext, ioblustmthfamily. kext and wireless bluetooth are all done. Note: If you change the wireless Nic, You need to whitelist it. Otherwise, the instance cannot be started.

So far, the Mac system can basically meet the work needs.

The above installation steps reference post:

System preference settings

This is like a Windows Control Panel.

Set mouse

Set the direction of the mouse scroll pulley to be consistent with that of Windows to meet the user's habits of Windows.

Set keyboard

The layout of the apple and Windows keyboards is not exactly the same. For Windows keyboards (Apple systems), the default copy and paste operations are Alt + C/V. We should change them to CTRL + C/V, more suitable for habits.

Set Time Zone

Only when this parameter is set, the time is correct. Otherwise, it will take 8 hours.

Display System disks of Mac OS 10.9

Finder -- preference settings -- sidebar -- select "XX's MacBook Pro"

Enable root Account

System preference settings-users and groups-click logon options (unlock first)-network account server, click "add"-click "Open Directory Tools"-unlock, click on the top of the editing menu to enable the Root user.


1. After a wired network card is disconnected or disconnected, it cannot access the Internet. The solution is as follows:

Run ifconfig en0 down and ifconfig en0 up on the premise that "root account has been enabled ".

Install Mac10.9 Common Software


Homebrew is Ruby development of an intelligent package management system (Mac is built-in Ruby environment), similar to the Linux apt, yum, on the installation and use, please see the official site:


After the installation is complete, no JDK is installed. (check the post on the Internet. After Apple is installed, JDK 6 is automatically installed. Location: /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/1.6.0.jdk/), So I manually install JDK 7. Since JDK 7, the JDK installation package For Mac has been available on the Oracle official website.

My installed version is: jdk-7u55-macosx-x64.dmg

The default installation path is/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0 _ 55.jdk/ Contents/Home.

Set the environment variables (including the maven environment variables to be installed below), vim/etc/profile:

Export JAVA_HOME =/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0 _ 55.jdk/ Contents/Home

Export JRE_HOME = $ JAVA_HOME/jre

Export M2_HOME =/work/apache-maven-3.2.1

Export PATH = $ JAVA_HOME/bin: $ M2_HOME/bin: $ PATH



After decompression, put it in the/work directory and add the environment variable (as shown above.

Remote Control of Windows machines

RDC_2.1.1_ALL.dmg: Use the Remote Desktop Connection officially provided by Microsoft.

Database Client

Navicat Premium 11.0.15.dmg, including cracked files.

After the installation is complete, run sn. Execute Patch on Navicat in the application, Generate the serial number, and then Activate Navicat in the application.

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