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Symptom: when installing the software, how can this problem be solved? "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode or the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Please contact your support staff for help ".

Many users often encounter Windows Installer errors when installing file packages in the MSI format. The following phenomena exist:

1. All MSI formats installed using the Windows Installer ServiceProgramCannot be installed normally, and the system prompts "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode, or Windows Installer is not correctly installed, please contact your support staff for help ".

2. Check the status of the "Windows Installer Service", which is generally disabled. When you try to enable the service, you will find that the service has been disabled by the system, or the Windows Installer Service has been marked as deleted.

3. If you reinstall the Windows Installer Service, the system prompts "the specified service already exists ".

When the above phenomenon occurs, it is very troublesome and difficult to solve the problem. Later, I found some very good solutions through my own research.

Taking windows and Windows XP as examples, the author introduces the solution based on their different problems:

I. Windows2000 Solution Process:

In Windows2000 systems, three phenomena often occur.

Step 1: click "start --> Run", enter the "cmd" command, and enter the "msiexec/unregserver" command in the "cmd command prompt" window that appears, in this way, the Windows Installer service is stopped.

Step 2: Download the installation package for the Windows Installer Service. The installation package for the Windows2000/ntsystem is ”instmsiw.exe ", the installation package for Windows98/me is" instmsia.exe ", and the Windows XP system is integrated with the latest Windows Installer V2.0.

Download the installation instmsiw.exe "package, decompress it with WinRAR, and enter the directory.

Step 3: Right-click the "Msi. inf" file, click the "Install" option, right-click the "mspatcha. inf" file, and click "Install".

Step 4: Enter the "msiexec/regserver" command at the CMD command prompt, so that the Windows Installer Service is started. After the Windows2000 system is restarted, the problem is solved.

Note: during the installation of the two INF files, do not restart the system. After all the operations are completed, restart the system. In addition, if the system has installed the "Rising Star virus firewall" and "Rising Star network firewall", we recommend that you disable the Rising Star firewall during the operation.

Ii. Windows XP Solution Process:

Windows XP integrates the latest version of Windows Installer V2.0. However, when you install the MSI program in Windows XP, the error "Windows Installer Service cannot be found" often occurs.

Step 1: use NotePad to compile the installer. reg file. The content is as follows:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ msiserver]

"ImagePath" =-

"ImagePath" = hex (2): 25, 00, 53,00, 79,00, 00, 00, 6d, 00, 6f, 00, 6f, 00 ,\

, 00, 5C, 79, 00, 00, 00, 6d, 00, 00, 5C, 00, 6d ,\

, 00, 2f, 00 ,\

Save the file as ". Reg" and double-click the file to import the file content to the Registry.

Step 2: restart the computer to enter safe mode (Press F8 at startup), then click "start --> Run", enter the "cmd" command, in the displayed "cmd command prompt" window, enter "msiexec/regserver" and restart the system.

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