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Software class issues

1. Unable to surf the internet after loading dual system

Windows Vista and Windows XP dual system may be unable to surf the internet problem, this problem is generally unrelated to the dual system, the problem should appear in the TCP protocol.

• First enter command line mode, enter cmd, enter "Ping" at the command prompt

To determine if the TCP/IP protocol is successfully installed, do not install the TCP/IP protocol again if the general rules go to the next step.

• Enter "ipconfig" to obtain the native IP address and gateway address, through the "Ping the IP address" to determine whether the network card is a problem, if not through ping, you need to reinstall the network card driver, if the general rules into the next step.

2. Unable to surf the internet after reloading the system

You start to open MS-DOS, the inside network on the input "ping" enter to see if there is a pass (that is, there is no: "Reply from time=1ms ttl=255" Similar language, there is a pass), If it makes sense that you are on the Internet through a cat, set up your route.

If you use dial-up software on the ping is not available, the network may be software-triggered, reload dial-up software can be.

3. Vista cannot surf the internet

The solution to this problem is simple, if your taskbar has a broadband connection icon (picture poor) then you can be in the beginning (that is, the shutdown button above), there is a control panel, into where you can have an icon (icon style: Four PCs under a cable connection, the Chinese version is "Network Center "), enter him, on the top of his left there are six options select the Sixth option (Manage network connection), enter, you will find there are two computer diagram, click on the first icon right button, select the bottom of the property button, in the pop-up box to find the word with Tcp/ipv4, point him, then point him down ( There are three buttons in the last one) button that is the property, where you can adjust your IP address, the adjustment is OK. Connect broadband on the top of the control Panel, you can connect to broadband.

4. Windows XP cannot surf the Internet

I found that one of the most windowsxp of the problem is the inability to surf the internet, a lot of people have encountered such problems, and do not know how to deal with, some even forced to re-install the system, in fact, solve this problem is not very difficult, first check the network connection does not have any icon indicates a problem with the NIC. The Device Manager can find a description of the network card exists. The initial judgment is that the NIC is poorly contacted. First, check the network cable crystal Head and network card contact is solid. Second, check the NIC and whether it is plugged, preferably re-inserted. Here are two main things to look at:

1) Some people are connected to the problem, such a problem is good to solve, as long as the IE tool--internet option-Open the Connection tab click Settings, re-enter the password after the confirmation.

2) If the above method can not be resolved, in the case of ensuring that there is a network card driver (there are many network cards do not install the driver, WindowsXP will automatically install the driver), just go to the Control panel-----Hardware tab, click Device Manager, the network adapter uninstall (do not uninstall the 1394 network adapter), Then press OK, restart the system, so if WindowsXP recognize your network card, will automatically install the driver, windowsxp can not be identified, will prompt you to install the driver, just install the driver, will solve the problem. Some network cards installed after the drive, the system to scan for a long time, then, the lower corner will also appear with a yellow exclamation point connection icon, which requires you to set the IP address, the method is: Double-click on the icon, click on the Properties in the dialog box that appears, click on the General tab to select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Click on the properties, check use the following IP address, fill in the IP address 192.168.1.X (X is any number in 2--10, and then click the Net Mask, The system will automatically generate, then click OK to close this tab, click OK to close the General tab, and your network will be able to connect again.

5. Windows 2003 cannot surf the internet

1), open Registry Editor, delete the following two keys in the registry (preferably a pre-export backup before deleting):



2), locate the Nettcpip.inf file in the INF directory of the system directory, open, find:

[Ms_tcpip. Primaryinstall]

; TCPIP have properties to display

characteristics = 0xA0; ncf_has_ui | Ncf_not_user_removable

Change the 0xA0 here to 0x80 save exit (This setting allows the user to modify the TCP/IP protocol)

3), open the "local Connection" properties--install--Add protocol--install from disk, find the Nettcpip.inf file just saved, press "OK", go back to the list, select the last item "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" (no icon on the left, note not that " Microsoft TCP/IP version 6 ") will prompt for no digital signature and can be installed as determined.

After this step, and then return to the Network Connection window, this time, select "TCP/IP", the "Uninstall" button is already available (before this step is gray). Click the "Uninstall" button to remove the TCP/IP protocol and reboot the machine.

4), restart, the Nettcpip.inf file back, and then follow the 3rd step, reinstall a TCP/IP protocol (at this point it will no longer prompt no digital signature, hehe).

5), the installation of a good protocol restart once, reset the "local Connection" connection properties, you can network, if not yet, restart again, hehe.

I deeply think that this problem is due to my hard drive aging, resulting in the TCP/IP protocol related data corruption, so I hurriedly put the hard drive ChkDsk, hehe.

6, IE can not access the problem

The common causes and solutions for IE not being able to browse the Internet:

1), Network setup Problems

This causes more than the need to manually specify IP, gateway, DNS server networking, and use proxy server to surf the Internet. Double-check your computer's network settings.

2), DNS server issues

When IE is unable to browse the Web page, you can first try to access the IP address, such as with, if you can access, then it should be the problem of DNS, The problem with DNS may be that you get DNS errors or DNS server problems when you connect, you can manually specify the DNS service (the address can be the DNS server address provided by your local ISP, or you can use the DNS server address in other places). ) in the properties of the network, (Control Panel-Network and Dial-up Connections-local connections-right-click Properties-TCP/IP Protocol-Properties-use the following DNS server address). Different ISPs have different DNS addresses. Sometimes it is a router or network card problem, unable to connect with the ISP's DNS service, in this case, you can shut down the router for a while to open, or reset the router.

Another possibility is that there is a problem with the local DNS cache. In order to improve the speed of website access, the system will automatically save the website that has been visited and obtain the IP address into the local DNS cache, once again access to the site, it is no longer through the DNS server and directly from the local DNS cache to remove the site's IP address for access. Therefore, if there is a problem with the local DNS cache, it can cause the Web site to become inaccessible. You can perform ipconfig/flushdns in run to rebuild the local DNS cache.

3), IE browser itself problems

When the IE browser itself fails, it will naturally affect the browsing, or IE is corrupted by malicious modification will also cause the Web page cannot be browsed. At this point you can try to use "Huangshan IE repair expert" to repair (recommended to Safe Mode repair), or re-ie (such as the re-installation of IE encountered the problem can not be re-installed, refer to: With a resolution can not reinstall IE)

4), Network firewall problems

If the network firewall is not set up properly, such as high security level, accidentally put IE into the block access list, the wrong firewall policy, etc., you can try to check the policy, reduce the firewall security level or directly shut down the test is back to normal.

5), network protocol and NIC driver issues

IE cannot be browsed, it is possible that the network protocol (especially TCP/IP protocol) or NIC driver damage caused, you can try to re-NIC driver and network protocol.

6), the Hosts file issues

The Hosts file is modified, it also causes the browsing is not normal, of course, the solution is to empty the contents of the Hosts file.

7) Problems with system files

When the system files related to IE are replaced or damaged, it will affect the normal use of IE, can be repaired by using the SFC command, WIN98 system can execute SFC in "Run", then perform scanning; WIN2000/XP/2003 executes Sfc/scannow in "run" to try to fix it.

When only IE cannot browse the Web page, and QQ can be on, it is often due to winsock.dll, Wsock32.dll or Wsock.vxd (VxD only exist under the Win9x system) files such as corruption or loss caused, Winsock is composed of tcp/ IP protocol is an important part of the general need to reload the TCP/IP protocol. However, XP begins to integrate the TCP/IP protocol, so it cannot be reinstalled as simple as 98, and you can use the Netsh command to reset the TCP/IP protocol back to the state it was in when the operating system was first installed. Here's how:

Click "Start Run", enter "CMD" command in the Run dialog box, pop up the command Prompt window, then enter "netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt" command to return, where "Resetlog.txt" The file is the log file used to record the result of the command execution, which must be specified, and the full path to the log file specified here is "C:resetlog.txt". The result of executing this command is the same as the effect of removing and reinstalling the TCP/IP protocol.

Tip: The netsh command is a command-line-based scripting tool that you can use to configure and monitor Windows systems, and it also provides an interactive network shell interface, using the format of the Netsh command in the Help file (enter "netsh/?" in the prompt window). Can).

The second solution is to repair the above file, Win9x use SFC to extract the above files, win2000/xp/2003 use the Sfc/scannow command to repair the file, when the Sfc/scannow cannot be repaired, Try the Repair tool Winsockfix, which is dedicated to this issue online.

8), through the bat file to solve the Internet problem

Close all network-related programs first, and then click Start Menu, run

Input: regsvr32 urlmon.dll

Open IE input a common site to see if you can access, if it is OK, if not, save the following command as 321.bat

regsvr32 Urlmon.dll

regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll

regsvr32 Msjava.dll

regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll

regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll

regsvr32 Mshtml.dll

regsvr32 Browseui.dll

regsvr32 Shell32.dll

Then run 321.bat this file

It's going to be OK.

9), real-time monitoring of anti-virus software

This is not often seen, but sometimes it really is related to real-time monitoring, because now antivirus software real-time monitoring has added to the content of the Web monitoring. To cite an example: KV will be on the individual machine will cause IE can not browse the Web page (many friends have encountered), its specific performance is as long as the web monitoring, a power on the internet about 20 minutes later, IE will not be able to browse the Web, at this time if the KV2005 of the web monitoring off, everything back to normal; After a thorough re-installation of KV2005 can not be solved. Although not installed kv each machine will appear this problem, after all, the system of each machine is different, the installation of the program is not the same. But if IE cannot browse the webpage, also should pay attention to check the anti-virus software.

10), Application Management Service issues

Appear only on QQ can not open the situation, restart after the good. However, even if the restart, open 7 to 8 pages and can not open the page, only on QQ. Sometimes telecom will often let you disable application Management service, you can solve. The specific reason is unclear.

11), there is a phenomenon also need to pay special attention: is to open the homepage of the site, but can not open the level two link, if so, the method is to re-register the following DLL file:

In the start-run input:

regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll

regsvr32 Shell32.dll (Note this command, do not lose first)

regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll

regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll

regsvr32 Mshtml.dll

regsvr32 Urlmon.dll

regsvr32 Msjava.dll

regsvr32 Browseui.dll

Note: Press ENTER for each entry. The second command can not lose, after losing these commands to restart Windows, if found invalid, and then re-enter again, this time enter the second command. Also, if it's a 98 system, it might be easier to download the file to Microsoft's website.

7, computer virus causes the Internet cannot be

To solve this problem, first copy the other computer's System32/drivers/tcpip.sys to the corresponding directory or locate the Tcpip.sy_ in the system installation disk and use WinRAR to extract to system32/drivers.

The virus destroys the TCP/IP protocol and re-installs the TCP/IP protocol after cleanup is complete. The installation method is as follows:

To delete the registry key value:



Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Local Area Connection

Click Properties

Click TCP/IP-----à install

Select Agreement-----> Click Add

Click Hard Drive

Browse the%windir% Inf folder (typically C:windowsinf)

Found 1394. INF folder----) Click to open

Click OK

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and do not select Microsoft TCP/IP version 6!

Click OK

Restart your computer

8, ARP spoofing and unable to surf the internet

Some computers because there is no timely patching or not installed anti-virus software, unfortunately, with ARP spoofing virus, then will be in the LAN for ARP spoofing, resulting in other innocent students can not access the Internet.

It is simple to determine whether your computer is being spoofed by the LAN ARP:

1, enter the command in the cmd window: Ping (Enter the gateway of your network), if the ping to pass, then generally your computer is not deceived, if you return to request timed out, it is generally said that your computer was deceived. However, even if the ping is available, it is still possible to be deceived by ARP;

2, if the first step ping to pass, but still not on the net, then please enter the cmd window under the static binding Gateway command:

Arp-s 00-e0-fc-59-ef-68

Attached: tips, eliminating the manual static binding each time.

10. Kaspersky Internet access is not available after upgrade

Last night a lot of people have been unable to surf the internet after Kaspersky upgrade, and then I found a solution, in the settings to select the real-time monitoring---Advanced settings----system startup to disable network attack defense tick, you can! Kaspersky is too strong, in order not to let hackers attack, put their own network entrance is blocked dead!!

11, MSN can not surf the internet

Tools Internet Options Advanced Security check for server certificate revocation

See if this is selected, yes, then uncheck.

Also, check that the firewall is not disabled for MSN.

Exit deleted is the cache type of files, not related to the search for things.

Internet Options-content (tab)-Auto-complete-there are two clear buttons, all on the line.

The check box is gone, and will never be saved again.

IE7 seems to be able to clear the contents of the form when he cleans it up. But IE7 really not good, you can IE7 installed on the basis, and then the next tool, such as Tt,maxthon and so on.

Proud to swim with the kernel of IE, in IE is not the same ah ...

Option--internet Options--Content (tab)--Auto-complete--there are two clear buttons, all on the line.

The check box is gone, and will never be saved again.

Hardware class issues

1, ADSL failure caused by the inability to access the Internet

After troubleshooting the line problem, you should check your ADSL modem is installed in the telephone line of imports, we must pay attention to the telephone can only be connected to the ADSL filter separator telephone signal output line, and ADSL devices can not be paralleled. You should also check whether your home phone line is damaged, and if so, replace it with a new phone line.

Due to the ADSL technology on the telephone line quality requirements, the current use of ADSL is a RADSL? That is, the rate of adaptive ADSL, if the telephone line to the user in a certain period of time by external factors interference, the RADSL will be based on the quality of the line and the distance between transmission distances, Dynamically adjusts the user's access speed.

2, Cable Modem failure caused by the internet

Cable Modem (cable modem) The likelihood of a line failure is relatively low, because cable TV network companies in the installation of cable pass, the general will re-from the corridor to pick up a new port to your home, so you can and the original cable TV lines separated, Minimizes the likelihood of a line failure occurring. In addition, the cable TV network company's installers will generally be installed in the line after the use of professional signal testing equipment to detect the newly installed lines to determine the signal strength to meet the requirements. However, it is not said that the cable does not have the possibility of a line failure, which is mainly focused on those who move the cable modem to use other places, if you encounter such a situation can only pay some money for cable network companies to help you install a new port.

3, FTTB failure caused by the internet

Because the Great Wall FTTB (Fiber to the Building, fiber to the building) used by the line is nearly two years to lay, so it has a lower chance of line failure. If a line failure occurs, for the user should first exclude their own reasons, then to repair.

4, network card failure caused by the inability to surf the internet

These three kinds of broadband access is generally required to access the network card, unless you are using a built-in or USB modem. Nic Fault there are many, here is impossible to say clearly, the author only according to some special conditions of broadband to introduce. Broadband access providers are generally paid to provide network cards, but many users because the sense that the network card provided by the provider is not only high price and low performance, so they also buy their own network card and installation. But here I would like to remind you that in the purchase of network cards must be selected those using the more common network card brand, in general, the compatibility of these network cards is very good.

If a NIC driver fails to install or crashes frequently, you can try to swap the NIC for a slot, or install the driver for the NIC before installing another device driver. In addition, many 10/100m Adaptive network cards when used in broadband access will occur when transmission speed is unstable, if you encounter such problems, you can try to force your network card to work in 10M mode.

5, LAN individual computers can not access the Internet

In fact, this problem is common in small local area networks, the main reason for this problem is that the IP address assigned by the switch and the IP address of the network card automatically can not be reconciled.

There are two simple ways to solve this situation:

1) Start the switch and router from the new (unplug the power and plug it in again), let them automatically assign IP

2) Adjust the operating mode of the network card to: 10M (100M) Half-duplex operation mode.

It's OK. (Local connection Properties/configuration/Advanced/link speed, option in Duplex modes to select the half mode) (only one-way transfer is allowed: Remember to change it back to automatic, sometimes it doesn't work)

3) Open restricted "Local Area Connection"

A: Click on the "Local Area Connection" property

B: Tap Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties

C: In "General" click "Use the following IP address", and fill in "IP Address" and "Subnet mask" data, fill in "Preferred DNS server" address data

D: Click "Advanced"

E: Add an address to the "DNS" entry and add an address to the "WINS" entry

F: OK--OK--close--ok

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