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It is estimated that WordPress 3.0 will meet you in the next two months. What new functions may be available in the new Wordpress version? Let's take a look:

1. user name and password

The new version will surprise users at the beginning! At present, after we install Wordpress, the system will give us a user admin and an automatically generated password. However, in WordPress 3.0, you can select the user name and password when installing WordPress.

This means:

The security of WordPress is further enhanced. Before the emergence of this new feature, hackers can determine at least that the WordPress website has a user name of admin, but this vulnerability will no longer exist in the new version. For security considerations, you may need to delete the "admin" user name, but after WP 3.0 is released, you no longer have to worry about it.

2. New default topic

WordPress 3.0 configures a new default topic named twentyten (2010. As you can see, the WordPress team seems to be planning to launch a default topic each year. Twentyten is a pretty theme. The font of this topic is Georgia, which has two-column mode. widgets are supported for the sidebar and footer. the built-in drop-down menu is also very dazzling. Needless to say, custom page headers and backgrounds (new features) will also be available.

This means:

After the launch of the new topic, Wordpress users will have another choice when searching for the topic. More beneficial, right?

3. Custom background

WordPress 3.0 supports background customization. Add the following in functions. php:CodeTo make your topic support Background customization:

Add_custom_background ();

After the code is added, you will find that there is an additional "background" option under the "appearance" menu in the background. Then you can upload and modify the page header image.

This means:

For topic developers, this is nothing. They can add new options to the topic themselves. However, WordPress's large user base still needs this feature, and may be able to derive new creative usage from it.

4. Integration of multi-site functions and wpmu code library

WordPress and wpmu will merge the code library. This makes managing large WordPress websites more convenient. You can learn about the multi-site settings in the network menu of "settings in the background.

This means:

Of course it means a lot! WordPress multi-site websites will be easier to manage-whether it is the subdomain.domain.com structure or the domain.com/subdirectorystructure. This network function is optional, and users of WordPress and wpmu do not have to worry about the trouble to upgrade to WP 3.0. At the same time, this also makes it easier for wpmu users to use plug-ins-the plug-ins will no longer suddenly stop running or crash.

5. Custom log types

A new feature! Currently, Wordpress users can only add new logs and pages in the background. However, in WP 3.0, users can add newArticleType. For example, you can use the following code to add a new article type named "portfolio (portfolio:

Function post_type_portfolio (){
Register_post_type ('portfolio ',
Array ('label' => _ ('portfolio'), 'public' => true, 'show _ Ui' => true ));
Register_taxonomy_for_object_type ('Post _ tag', 'portfolio ');

Add_action ('init ', 'Post _ type_portfolio ');

This means:

The CMS function of WordPress is further enhanced. This reduces the time wasted by topic developers on custom fields and creates unlimited possibilities.

6. Custom Classification

The custom category function and subcategories are easier to use than before.

This means:

WordPress will gradually change from a blog-type CMS to a CMS that is more flexible, practical, and powerful.

7. easy and convenient menu management

Menu manager is a new feature in WordPress 3.0, developed by woonav of woothemes. You can use the menu manager to create multiple menus and categories, or even customize internal and external links. This menu manager even has a default widget. You can place it in any place that supports widgets.

This means:

On the surface, this function provides users with a powerful user interface that facilitates users to add new menus. It not only reduces the burden on WordPress topic developers, but also makes user operations easier. In essence, the menu manager implies the contribution and cooperation sincerity of paid WordPress topic developers to WordPress, which is a win-win strategy.

8. Other small Functions

Welcome guide: WordPress 3.0 will be built into a user guide, intended to briefly introduce the WordPress system and basic WordPress usage.

Author template: The template level is similar to category-{ID }. PHP and category-{slug }. PHP classification and tag level, so we can also use it in the author's information: for example, the author name is "Rohan", ID is 1, in author. before PHP displays, WordPress looks for the author-rohan.php in the template file and continues looking for the author-1.php.

Reset media user interface: This function does not appear in WP 2.9, but may appear in WP 3.0, and the background media menu user interface may be changed.


These features are also seen by the author from the latest WordPress daily build, which may not be stable yet. All predictions may be overturned before the new version is officially released. However, WordPress 3.0 is bound to move in a better direction. Wait for the new version to be released.

Address: http://www.wordpress.la/WordPress-3.0.html

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