Wordpress article plug-in WordPress Related Posts installation and deletion

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[Plug-in features]

1. The number of related articles can be customized.
2. Only logs of the specified category are displayed.
3. The number of comments and release date can be displayed.
4. You can customize whether to display the summary and summary length.
5. You can customize whether to display thumbnails of related logs.

[Plug-in installation]

Download the plugin, decompress it, upload it to the/wp-content/plugins/directory, and activate it in the WP background.

1. Background search plug-in

For example, to install the Link Manager plug-in, enter wordpress management background => plug-in => install plug-in = and search for "Link Manager" = "to install it now.

2. Backend Upload zip plugin

Some plug-ins are not included in the WordPress official plug-in Directory (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins), we can only go to the plug-in author's blog, download the plug-in zip package, and then you can through the background plug-in Directory upload function, upload and activate the plug-in.

3. Upload The plug-in through ftp

You can also use the ftp tool (flashfxp or Filezilla) to connect to your web space and upload the plug-in directory to/public_html/wp-content/plugins. After uploading, log on to the management background and click the plug-in template. You can see that the uploaded plug-in is already in the disabled list.
Click Enable.

The following code is added to the plug-in where you want to display relevant articles:

<? Php wp_related_posts () ;?>

[Plug-in configuration]

In the WP background-set-Related Posts, enter the plug-in Control Panel, as shown in the figure below:

Configure parameters as needed.

Delete WordPress article plug-ins

Go to the "plugin" in the WordPress background, find the "WordPress Related Posts" plugin, disable it, and delete it.

However, you will find that the article page you inserted with "Related articles" cannot be fully opened, because after the WordPress Related Posts plug-in is installed, you need to add a <? Php wp_related_posts () ;?> Code statement to call

Therefore, please go to the single. Php file in the article template and find <? Php wp_related_posts () ;?> Delete it and save it.

Refresh the page to see if the page is faster and then restored.

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