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WordPress believes that a lot of independent blog is the choice of this program, then what exactly are the advantages of it? In fact, WordPress with a foreign PHP open source program, the reason many people take it to do blog, because its plug-in function is very powerful, and easy to understand, although most of the English , but there are a lot of tutorials that don't worry about it. At the same time, WordPress security is also very outstanding, and now many people are doing seo,wordpress also developed a lot of plug-ins conducive to SEO, at the same time, compared to other programs, Baidu will certainly be more WordPress, the weight will be higher.

Today, we mainly say that the blog cache plugin problem, WordPress has a very famous cache plug-ins called WordPress Super, use simple and efficient, powerful, we can Baidu to download on the official website OK. Not installed? Actually it's very simple, look at the picture:


Click to install the plugin and then choose your download wordpress WP Super installation can be.


Finally, enable the plug-in can:


Then come to the plugin page, the default WP Super cache is not enabled, we select the first item, and then update the status.


Then select the advanced option and tick the following:


The main check behind the belt (recommended) hint, this is recommended meaning, we do not know the meaning of each plug-in, on the hook selected WordPress recommended. Time proof effect is good, can effectively improve the speed of blog access. Some people will ask how to determine if my blog has been cached successfully? In fact, you can see the source code of the site has such a sentence:


can also see the Web folder cache below see Supercache subfolders, Inside are pure static cache files Oh ~ so successful, blog speed access is still slow? Don't hesitate. Hurry up and act.

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