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I believe that any site webmaster will encounter such an idea, is to do a set of WordPress portal program, because WordPress is too friendly to search engines, easy to get rankings, but based on technical limitations, or lack of experience, many stationmaster never realized this idea, 3 months ago, I tried this, 3 months later, my traffic reaches 1000IP per day, while Google ads with online product sales, also has a lot of income, in this process, a feeling is very cool, whether from the efficiency, or from the income, than the CMS system, have improved a lot, Technology and experience is to share, here, I put 3 months of all the problems in the station to write out, to help you bring more traffic, together to a well-off.

1. is not all the portals are suitable for using WordPress to do, thereby more conducive to SEO?

No, wordpress blog program's Web page structure so that the accumulation of weight is the vertical structure from the bottom, that is, all the internal page weight will be given to the homepage, the child page to the weight of the number of pages and relevance is closely related, so, WordPress program is only suitable for a single theme portal station, For example, my website is the VOA learning English, the following categories are in the VOA video, VOA English ..., these are all around the VOA to unfold, the theme is very single, this can accumulate weights, so as long as the VOA related keywords will be ranked well. But if you're making a movie, there are a lot of categories in the movie, Martial, cartoons ..., although in everyone's sense, these categories and movies are very relevant, but for search engines, only contain the same vocabulary, search engines will feel relevant, so, cartoons in fact and the film is irrelevant, So this can not accumulate weight, summed up is, for the film the lower level there are many key words of the portal, WordPress can not be very good accumulation of the weight of the site.

May be involved in the SEO theory is too abstract, summed up: WordPress to do the portal, suitable for the whole station around a word portal, and not suitable to do a lot of keywords portal.

2. How to choose a template with WordPress portal?

I have seen all the WordPress Web Portal template, is not too cumbersome, is too ugly, the most important is the online template did not overcome the fatal problem of WordPress, is the page or the classification of the page without PR, or PR very low, we can see, WordPress classification Also, PR more than 1, extremely rare.

The biggest SEO advantage of WordPress is simple, if the template cumbersome, lost his optimization advantages, so concise is our pursuit, at the same time, WordPress inner page PR Low problem has to be solved, based on these two issues, we have to design our own template scheme. You can see my site template, the interface is too large, divided into two charts (A5 these two pictures can not go up, with my personal server, speed may be a bit):



First of all, the template to ensure the simplicity of the interface, followed by a large list of listing of the presentation, to solve the PR problem, the site construction to now 3 months, all classified page PR is greater than or equal to 2, home PR for 3, around the VOA long tail very much. Design template you can refer to.



The design of the template is summed up: 1. Simple and clear 2. Reasonable setting of List page

If you want this set of templates, you can contact me, please explain from A5, free template to send you a copy on the line.

3. How do WordPress ads increase Ctr?

WordPress Because of the simplicity of the template, very easy to design advertising location, so that your ads are naturally very conspicuous presentation, you can give us a look at the layout of the page, this layout can ensure that you 1-2% of the ad click (relatively, has been very high, I have done a lot of forum sites, It's good to be 0.5.



4.wordpress Portal potential drawbacks and solutions?

WordPress's biggest drawback is that there is no dedecms such static cache generation, so when you visit a large number of times a day (10000+IP), the speed will be very card, the solution is to use the Internet plug-ins, so that it can generate static interface, but with Plug-ins may have some problems, Rookie may be more difficult, but certainly can be solved, this we can rest assured that there are problems to discuss Bai.

The second drawback of WordPress is the inclusion of less, because of the structure of the blog, blog included less, but does not mean that the weight is low, blog interface rankings are guided to the home page, so the home page ranking will be very good, but the template design, you can make up for the pages not included in the long tail flow down, Look at everyone's SEO foundation.

Summary: WordPress is a very good thing, compared to other things, is simple and convenient, we can use this program to do a lot of SEO optimization things, I hope this article can help you understand some use it to do the portal method, expand everyone's optimization ideas, of course, the most important is to earn more RMB, If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them. Here also thank A5 this good place, can I want to show everyone, realize their little value, THANK you ~ ~ ~

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