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It's not the latest, but it should be enough!
The difference is that the Chinese version of the download here does not know why there is a direct wp-config.php

1, what is WordPress?
WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL blog software, through it can quickly and easily build your own blog platform, the latest version is version, version code is "Strayhorn". Can I have a look at my http://www.nieqiang.com/wp/?

2, the installation of WordPress preparation work
A, the first need to have a support for PHP and MySQL space, and according to WordPress's description document (readme.html), requires PHP version of more than 4.1, MySQL version in 3.23.23. As for the size of the space, can be based on individual needs, the WordPress installation file is about 1M.
B, download wordpress The latest installation package, you can go here to download: WordPress download page (English version). Can search on the Internet "WordPress Chinese version" or directly to the Chinese wordpress download.
C, decompression, and then rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php, and use your favorite text editor (operating system with its own WordPad, Notepad, etc.) to set up, modify its first few sentences, according to your database configuration to define.
Define (' db_name ', ' database name '); The name of the database
Define (' Db_user ', ' MySQL username '); Your MySQL username
Define (' Db_password ', ' password '); ... and password
Define (' db_host ', ' localhost '); 99% chance your won ' t need to change this value
(These parameters can be obtained from your host provider, if you need to set up an empty library, the name of any). Inside the Table_prefix option is to set the MySQL database inside the data table prefix, define (' Wplang ', ') is used to set the language support, the English version is unchanged, Chinese version for (' Wplang ', ' zh_cn ').
D, after setting up the modification, save the file, so the preparation tool of the prophase is OK.

3, the installation process of WordPress
A, use your favorite FTP client software to upload the WordPress installation files to your host.
B, in the browser input: Your Web site/wordpress installation folder/wp-admin/install.php, such as your WordPress is directly uploaded to the root directory, then just enter the http://www.yourdomainname.com /wp-admin/install.php is OK. The program will automatically detect and install.
C, after the installation, the system will give you a randomly generated administrator password, remember this password, and use admin and that password login management interface, in the management interface profile options to modify the password, and modify the settings detailed personalized information. If you can get to this step, then congratulations, your WordPress is installed.
D, more installation help please refer to the WordPress installation package inside the readme.html, as well as visit the official website: wordpress.org.

4, modify the interface (theme theme, or called WordPress style)
A, download the theme: can be in WordPress Themes, WordPress Reference Centre or alexking and blogging pro download to some beautiful theme.
B, installation theme: Will download the theme of the extract, and retain the directory structure, the entire folder uploaded to the/wordpress/wp-content/themes/directory, and then into the management interface, in presentation (if you install the Chinese version, is "performance" Option to upload a good theme.
C, modify the theme: To modify the theme of the theme folder and the contents of the file should be changed to "777", in the FTP right click, using the chmod option to modify. Then in presentation (if you install the Chinese version, the "Performance" item) in the theme Editor (subject Edit) item can be directly modified.

5, install the plugin
A, commonly used: Mulberry do wordpress Comment plugin, you can show the recent comments. Other available to WordPress plugins and WordPress Plugin Repository or wordpress Plugin database download.
B, install Plug-ins: will download the plugin to extract, and retain the directory structure, the entire folder uploaded to the/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/directory, and then into the management interface, in plugins (if you installed the Chinese version, is "plug-in" Item) to activate the uploaded plugin.
C, in the need to show the place to add the language of the call, such as Mulberry do wordpress comment plug-ins need to be in sidebar.php or index.php to add a line of class < PHP get_recent_comments ();?> text.

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