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The correct version upgrade should be to back up the database and files and then disable all plugins after performing the upgrade. This also avoids incompatibilities that are caused by enabling plugins after the upgrade. So after upgrading one plug-in is enabled. After a problem occurs, the database modification is performed.

In general, in the host Space Control Panel will provide such as PHPMyAdmin, such as the MySQL database modification software, this article takes PHPMyAdmin as an example.

The table that records the WordPress plugin information is located in the Active_plugins field in the Wp_options table, and the value of Active_plugins records the usage of the plugin.

If you disable all plugins, simply use a:0:{} instead of the Active_plugins value.


Remove one of the plugins if the problem is caused by enabling one after the upgrade. For example, my 503 error after the upgrade is due to my use of Gravatarlocalcache this gravatar avatar cache plugin caused by the deletion

1i:4:s:41: "gravatarlocalcache/gravatarlocalcache.php";

Gravatarlocalcache This plugin has not been updated for 2 years, but I think it is the best one in the avatar cache plugin. After upgrading WP can not be used is also very regrettable. Even if you are slow to die, you can now use more than the mirror.


In fact, about the WordPress site Backup is a very important and basic knowledge point, some friends may not know, a WordPress site consists of the following parts:

1, WordPress Core installation files

2. WordPress Plugin

3. WordPress Theme

4. Pictures and documents

5, JavaScripts, PHP scripts, and other code files

6. Other files and static pages

So a full WordPress backup actually contains the database backup and file backup, there is still a need to explain.

Database backup

Maybe someone would say that the background tool does not have an export import feature? But that's not a complete backup database. Careful friends should be able to see that using background import and export to back up the database is flawed.

First of all, the flaw in the functionality: It just provides backup of articles, pages, comments, custom columns, categories and tags, and does not include backups of our background settings, plugins, and so on. Like the home of the United States to set up a lot of settings and plug-ins in the background of the combination of functions to normal use, missing one of which can be error.

The flaw of import function: The maximum can only upload 8M file, that is, when your website database is large more than 8M, then cannot complete the import of the database.

Therefore, the import and export function in the background is not a full database backup. So how does a real database backup work?

This will go to the Server Admin panel phpmyadmin, select your site database, and then click Export-Save As-execute (no unnecessary settings and options), so as to perfect backup your WordPress database.

The same thing about restoring a database is to perform the import function in phpMyAdmin so that your database is complete.

Web site file backup

About the site file backup is relatively simple, because usually we are the management of the website file is the use of FTP software, so WordPress file backup, is to use the FTP link site, in the site root directory to see all the files.

About the restoration of Web site files, is the use of FTP software to upload backup files to overwrite.

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WordPress migration occurs when you import a database using phpMyAdmin mysql #1062 –duplicate


Today worry-free host users in the use of phpMyAdmin Import database when the MySQL #1062 –duplicate entry "1" for key "PRIMARY" error, tried several times this is the case, so come to consult the worry-free host ( www.51php.com) Small, our worry-free mainframe (www.51php.com) Small series Although not dedicated to build station personnel, but many problems can be solved, see this error I know is because, the site of the key words have to repeat, learned the database of people know, There can be at most one keyword per data table, and if you reinsert the keyword it will cause the keyword to conflict, causing the database to fail to upload. The error is as follows:

The user uploads the database two times during the migration, the first upload failed but the data table containing the keyword has been uploaded to the database of the PHP virtual host, in the re-upload there will be a conflict, the solution is very simple, upload the program do not upload this data table or delete the uploaded data table, Then you can upload the database again. When we use phpMyAdmin to import databases, it is possible to import conflicts and not create tables if the original indicates that they exist. When you import MySQL database, please pay attention to a small details oh.

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WordPress How to upgrade correctly

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