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Previously, Palan recommended some Wordpress-themed websites and several offline blog publishing tools. Today, I will introduce some excellent wordpress plug-ins to you. I would like to refer to the title"Essential wordpress plug-ins for beginners", But I thought about it. No plug-in is required. although I have repeatedly said how powerful WordPress plug-ins can make your blog, I also recommend that you do not use plug-ins if you can solve the problem without using plug-ins.

This is not contradictory. The biggest benefit of the plug-in is convenience, but the disadvantage is that it will affect the overall performance of the blog. but plug-ins are easy for new users or friends who are afraid of troubles. therefore, the title of this article is"Wordpress plug-ins recommended for beginners", That is, when you do not have professional technology to implement a function, you can choose these plug-ins.

These plug-ins are all plug-ins that have been used by Palan for more than a year. Some can also be implemented through simple code, but they are more convenient and hope to be useful to new Wordpress friends.

1. All in One seo Pack plug-in/WordPress blog optimization plug-in

This is a comprehensive blog SEO plug-in, many people are using. it mainly enhances the SEO effect through Tittle, Meta, and description information on non-face pages. although the principle is actually very simple, it can be easily implemented by modifying the theme code. however, it may be difficult for new users.

It is very easy to use. After downloading and decompressing the package, upload the plug-in folder to the plug-in directory, activate it in the background, and find the setting panel in the Manage option. Set it as prompted.

P.SThe plug-in author updates the plug-in a little crazy, almost once a week on average, but does not know what he has updated or enhanced.

All in One SEo Pack

2. Google XML Sitemaps/website map generation plug-in

This plug-in can be used to generate a sitemap website map that supports major search engines. for example, Google, ask.com, Yahoo, and MSN Search. A good website map helps your Wordpress blog content to be crawled and indexed. the website map generated by this plug-in is designed for search engine robots to read.

Goolge XML Sitemaps

3. Simple Tags/Wordpress blog Tag plug-in

This plug-in is mainly used to manage Wordpress Tag tags. you can easily add, manage, delete, batch manage, and generate related logs, related tags, and tag clouds for articles. here is an exaggeration. With this plug-in, there is basically no need for plug-ins for other Tag classes.

Slimple Tags

4. WordPress Database Backup/WordPress Database Backup plug-in

Database backup is a very important task for blogs and websites. even if you use phpmyadmin, manual backup is troublesome and prone to errors. For example, if you have not set a character set or other problems, it is easy to see errors such as garbled characters.

WordPress Database Backup is widely recognized as an excellent Wordpress Database Backup plug-in. with this feature, you can easily back up your blog database and download it locally, send it to an email, or save it to a VM. you can directly operate on the WP background, select the tables to be backed up, and set it to automatic backup. for example, backup once a week, backup once a month, and so on.

WordPress Database Backup

At the same time, another database backup plug-in WP-DBManager is also very popular. If you are interested, you can also study it. however, it is easy and convenient to use Wordpress Database Backup, and the backed-up Database is usually not garbled.

5. Yskin's wp-CJK-excerpt/WordPress Article summary plug-in

Whether for SEO or ease of reading, it is necessary to use summaries to output articles to the blog homepage, search pages, and archive pages. (Note that the summary output here refers to the summary display on the blog page, not the summary in the Feed reading .)

Despite the built-in Wordpress <? Php the_excerpt ();?> It contains advanced parameter settings for the number of characters in the abstract, but its support for Chinese characters is not friendly. therefore, I recommend Yskin's wp-CJK-excerpt to you. This plug-in can be used to display the article summary, in addition, it generates a word count with full-text links after each abstract. for example, "read the full text-1250 words in total"

Yskin's wp-CJK-excerpt

6. WP Slug Translate/generate a good blog article title Link

If you are a lazy person and want to publish blog articles in a good form of link, this plug-in is very suitable for you. by default, When you post an article, if your title is Chinese, you may get:

Http://blog.7android.com/6546 @! % And so on.

Using this plug-in, you can use Google to translate the link of your article title into English when publishing an article, for example:


When Google translation cannot be used for conversion, the built-in pinyin library of this plug-in may just be used for conversion.

Note that:

1. pinyin. the php file is more than 1 MB. If you have enabled many other plug-ins and then enable the plug-in, an error message is usually prompted when the memory exceeds the limit. the solution is to delete the pinyin in the plug-in. PHP file. if Google cannot translate the title of an article, it cannot use Pinyin. but Palan has been using this plug-in for a long time and can usually be translated. I can't do it. I just set up slug myself.

2. The premise of using this plug-in is that the default Permalinks structure of Wordpress has been changed.

Wp slug translate

7. WP pagenavi/page navigation plug-in

The default page navigation for WordPress is"Previous Page" and "next page"In this form, what you get after using this plug-in is"1, 2, 3, 4 .... Last page"This form. i'm not sure, but since I often use it, this form of page navigation seems to be more conducive to SEO. of course, even if you cannot optimize the search engine, when your articles reach a certain number, you can use the classification navigation of the number list to make it easier for users to browse and query.


8. Batch Categories/Batch Classification Management plug-in

With this Wordpress plug-in, you can add or delete categories or tags for your articles in batches. when you have many categories and tags, you can use them to simplify your modification.

Batch Categories

9. Akismet/anti-spam plug-in

This article has previously introduced the use of WordPress plug-ins. basically, you don't have to worry about Spammer harassment. of course, the mistaken kill still exists. therefore, if you do not want your visitor's message to be permanently deleted, check whether the message is accidentally deleted.

The above nine Wordpress plug-ins have been used and are not intended to be changed. are some basic plug-ins. if you have any good introduction, please leave a message. of course, there are too many good plug-ins. what we talk about in this article is some plug-ins that implement enhancements or better utilize the built-in functions of Wordpress. many specific function plug-ins will be introduced later.

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