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If you want to start operating and releasing your first website, finding a suitable CMS or free platform is definitely a key step. Generally, you may choose wordpress, because it is the most popular website framework and product, you can see this picture. In today's article, we will introduce wordpress-related design and development resources and manuals, hoping to help you quickly develop and build your own websites!

Wordpress theme design and appreciation

If you are not familiar with wordpress design, look at these designs and believe they will bring you a lot of new inspiration!

Theme Design Gallery



WordPress Tag



WP Inspiration






We Love WP



WordPress Cheat Sheets

If you are not familiar with the wordpress development process and code structure, these cheat sheets are sure to help you.

Interactive WordPress Guide



Basic Theme Anatomy



WP Code & Tags



The Loop: Visual Model



Wordpress topic development framework

If you want to quickly develop a wordpress topic, using a mature framework is definitely a good choice!
















Wordpress tutorials

If you want to know some related development tutorials and instructions, the articles on the following website may be your good choice.

Wptuts +



WP Beginner






Wordpress development plugin

Wordpress has many help development plug-ins. Here we recommend the following free plug-ins:

Debug Bar: any developer can use this plug-in to help you easily display query, cache, PHP warning, and other related debug information.

SyntaxHighlighter: the syntax highlighting plug-in helps you better read and write code.

CMS Tree Page View: provides very convenient services. Allow you to access all pages in a tree structure

WP Google Fonts: helps you use web Fonts more easily

Broken Link Checker: View dead links or redirection of a website.

Redirection: helps you manage 301 Redirection and monitor 404 errors, which is very helpful for migrating old domain names

Free wordpress Themes

If you modify some free themes, such as creating sub-themes, it may be more practical for you. Here we recommend some published wordpress Themes for your convenience!




Free Wordpress Themes on the Retina Interface



AyoShop-responsive eCommerce subtemplate



Great lightweight wordpress theme-Frank



Free online product display wordpress template-viper



Personal portfolio of Arts



Free responsive Bootstrap template-Codester



Hope you like the resources we collect. If you have any questions, please visit our geeks community to leave a message!

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Source: Wordpress Themes and website design and development manuals and resources

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