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1. Choose a good host

Try not to use a free host or shared host (GoDaddy Ah, bluehost Ah, and so called Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Web sites, such as host)
First of all, your domain and your host is best in an IDC where, if not, we recommend that you use a good reputation of the DNS service provider, so that the domain name to the fastest resolution to the host, this is not the focus, the focus is your server/host space should be fast enough, how can it be fast? CPU configuration, CPU usage, physical memory size, disk type, and I/O performance of the disk (including the MySQL database server disk), MySQL response speed and MySQL concurrency number, etc., will affect the site's fast and unpleasant, and is the physical impact.

2. Choose a faster topic

What kinds of topics can be faster? Visually, the topic performance of a file containing as few php, JS, CSS, and font (font or icon fonts) is better. From the code point of view, it's better to encode a topic that is reasonable and load the correct file on the correct page.

3. Select a cache plugin

Recommended use of W3 total cache or WP Super cache, are free, but all very well, I personally prefer W3 total cache, because it supports: page caching, HTML compression, object caching, database caching, client browser caching, and CDN.

4. Use a CDN

Foreign words, cloudflare good, domestic words, the acceleration is good.

5. Enable gzip

If server support, enable gzip, the above cache plugin W3 Total cache support you to enable this.

6. Using a well coded plugin

WordPress has countless plug-ins, but not all plug-in code is good coding, which requires you to determine which plug-ins are suitable for you. The most intuitive way is: when you from the WordPress plugin directory to install a 3-star plug-in, you should carefully understand its code situation! How do you know?

7. Be careful to update your theme and plugin in a timely manner

Timely update their WordPress theme and plug-ins used, not only to improve the security of their own WordPress site, and some updates are for performance, which will improve performance.

8. Optimizing the Database

You can use plug-ins such as wp-optimize or Wp-dbmanager to optimize your database, which can delete uncensored spam comments, articles in the Recycle Bin, those automatically saved drafts, or rolled back versions of articles. Of course, the best way is for you to be able to access your database and execute SQL statements to do this, if you think you're familiar with SQL and WordPress.

9. Optimize the uploaded pictures

For any site, the picture is the most important element on the page, but the size of your diagram should match the size of the largest container you use this picture, not the original p a picture or a picture will be uploaded directly. For example: you want to upload a picture, the maximum container width is 948px, this picture itself is 1600px, you should deal with this map, so that its maximum width is 948px, which can significantly improve the image of the Web page loading speed, Reduce load time and conserve server resources and bandwidth.

In another case: the maximum width of the image you upload is consistent with the width of the largest container for the change you are using, and in this case, it is recommended that you use smush.it and the WordPress plugin based on it to process the uploaded images, and of course, you can also use similar lossless image compression master such as desktop software (image compression software recommended) or Jpegmini, such as online sites to compress your pictures.

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