XAMPP installation tutorial in Ubuntu 10.04

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======== Installation ================

Enter the following command after downloading:

1. log on to the terminal as a system administrator:


2. Run the following command to copy the compressed file to the/OPT folder.
$ Sudo CP xampp-linux-1.7.3a.tar.gz/OPT

3. Enter the/OPT folder.

4. Release the compressed file to/OPT:
Tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.3a.tar.gz-C/OPT


Warning: only the preceding command can be used to install XAMPP. Do not use any Microsoft Windows tool to release compressed files, which is useless.

Warning 2: an existing XAMPP version is overwritten when you use this command.

This is the end. XAMPP is installed in the/opt/lampp directory.

Step 3: start running
Run the following command to run XAMPP:
/Opt/lampp start


You should be able to see a message similar to the following on the screen:

Starting XAMPP 1.7.3a...
Lampp: Starting Apache...
Lampp: Starting MySQL...
Lampp started.

Okay. Apache and MySQL are running.

1. The/opt/lampp: Line 74: arch: Command not found error message is displayed when XAMPP is installed on the terminal.
Cause: not found

Sudo nano/bin/Arch

Add a line in the pop-up editing box
Save and exit
Enter again in the terminal
Sudo chmod + x/bin/Arch

Problem Solving

2. If warning: World-Writable config file/opt/lampp/etc/My. CNF is ignored
Cause: XAMPP sets the read permission for my. CNF and does not allow world-writable (literally, it can be read and written all over the world)
Solution: terminal operation
Sudo chmod 644/opt/lampp/etc/My. CNF

3. The phpMyAdmin page displays: wrong permissions on configuration file, shocould not be world writable
Cause: This is none of the XAMPP issues. It is a problem with phpMyAdmin directory permission settings. If you set chmod 777 for all phpMyAdmin files, this prompt will appear.
Solution: you only need to modify the file attributes. phpMyAdmin must run under the 755 permission,
Terminal Operation
Sudo chmod-r 755/opt/lampp/phpMyAdmin

The last two items 2 and 3 are shown in the figure to give the entire lampp directory to chmod-r 777. You should pay attention to this issue in the future.
If you think that the XAMPP htdocs directory is not good under opt/lampp/, you can run it on the terminal first.
Sudo/opt/lampp Security
Solved the security problem,
Sudo CP-r/opt/lampp/htdocs/home/htdocs
Copy the entire htdocs directory to/home,
Sudo chmod-r 777/home/htdocs
Give us the permission to modify the htdocs directory,
Sudo gedit/opt/lampp/etc/httpd. conf
Modify the Apache configuration file and find
Replace all with the htdocs directory address.

If you want to use ProFTPD
Modify the configuration file/opt/lampp/etc/ProFTPd. conf.
Change/opt/lampp/htdocs to/home/htdocs.

After modification, remember to restart XMPP.
Sudo/opt/lampp restart


========= FAQ ==================

Linux FAQ to check whether there are related materials.
Description of tokens from XAMPP 1.4.7
Because some very new versions such as PHP 5 are worth noting, we decided to integrate both PHP 5.x and PHP 4.x into XAMPP. Therefore, if you find that your php application program cannot be written under PHP 5, you can easily switch PHP back to version 4.x.
You can use the following command to switch PHP back to 4.x:
/Opt/lampp PhP4
When using the following commands, you can switch PHP back to 5.x:
/Opt/lampp PhP5
If you forget that the current PHP version is, you only need to use phpinfo () or read the following commands:
/Opt/lampp phpstatus

============== Test ============

Step 4: renew instances
Well, it seems very simple, but how do you know if all the bodies are correct? As long as the following URL is added to the website column:
Http: // localhost/
Now you should see the starting area of XAMPP, which contains the reading result of some checking system statements and some simple processing routines.
Instant Messaging example: a small PHP/GD Program (from version 0.9.6prel, there is also a PHP/Ming flash example at the same time, please take the test to take the test.) special sense

================= Environment Description ==============================

Anke Arnold provides the» ankecalligraph «font.
Usage instructions
As mentioned above, XAMPP does not recommend that it be used in real-world operation systems. It only provides a development environment for developers. XAMPP is set to enable and allow all the functions that the developer wants. This setting is great for the development environment, but it is very dangerous for a real-world operation system.
Here is a list of XAMPP lack of security protection capabilities:
The MySQL System Administrator (Root) has no password.
MySQL can be accessed through any network segment.
The user "nobody" of ProFTPD, And the password set to "lampp ".
PhpMyAdmin can be accessed through any network segment.
Routines can also be accessed through any network segment.
To fix most of the system security vulnerabilities, just run the following command:
/Opt/lampp Security
It will start some system security checks, making the XAMPP Security environment more secure at the same time. Version 0.9.4/opt/lampp can only trigger and stop XAMPP. However, since version 0.9.5, it can execute a large number of commands.


========================= Parameter description ============================

Number of dynamic and stopped logs
System Security (must be optimized)
Number of dynamic and stopped logs
Metric data description
Start notebook to activate XAMPP.
Stop to stop XAMPP.
Restart to restart XAMPP.
Startapache activates Apache.
Startssl activates Apache in SSL mode. This command will keep the SSL mode running. For example, if you attempt to update XAMPP in SSL mode, so every time Apache is triggered in SSL mode.
Startmysql single-node dynamic MySQL DATA SOURCES
Startftpstartftp activates the ProFTPd server. You can use ftp to upload the case to the website server (password authentication "lampp "). This number will allow the ProFTPd to automatically trigger each time. Therefore, the FTP function will also change every time you attempt to trigger XAMPP.
Stopapache: Stop Apache.
Stopssl stops Apache running in SSL mode. This command disables the SSL feature with the specified command. Therefore, if you attempt to activate XAMPP again, the SSL feature is still disabled.
Stopmysql stops the MySQL database.
Stopftp stops the ProFTPd server. This command will disable ProFTPd. Therefore, if you re-activate XAMPP, the FTP function will still be stopped.
Security token is a small program for dynamic tracing system security.
Example: If you want to activate Apache in SSL mode, you only need to export the following commands (as root ):
/Opt/lampp startssl
Now you can access the Apache server https: // localhost/through SSL. There is no specific system design or management interface in a typical UNIX system, the following table lists the preset cases that are included in XAMPP.


================= Other instructions ========================

What program is there?
Important Cases and objectives
/Opt/lampp/bin/XAMPP command. For example,/opt/lampp/bin/MySQL is used to prepare MySQL rows.
/Opt/lampp/htdocs/Apache file root directory.
/Opt/lampp/etc/httpd. confapache sets the protocol.
/Opt/lampp/etc/My. cnfmysql sets the issue.
/Opt/lampp/etc/PHP. iniphp: set the issue.
/Opt/lampp/etc/ProFTPd. confproftpd sets the issue. (Available only after version 0.9.5)
/Opt/lampp/PHPmyAdmin/config. Inc. phpphpmyadmin to set the logon case.
To stop XAMPP, run the following command:
/Opt/lampp stop
You should see:
Stopping lampp 1.7.3a...
Lampp: Stopping Apache...
Lampp: Stopping MySQL...
Lampp stopped.
In this case, XAMPP is stopped. Run the following command to remove XAMPP:
This completes.
As part of system security protection, timely and comprehensive backup is an essential task. The configuration files and logs of databases and various software often make the Administrator dizzy and will miss one accidentally. XAMPP makes this work very simple. You can enter the following command to complete it:
/Opt/lampp backup ****
The command is followed by the password of the root user of MySQL. After the command is executed, the following content is displayed:
Backing up databases...
Backing up configuration, log and htdocs files...
Calculating checksums...
Building final backup file...
Backup finished.
Take care of/opt/lampp/backup/xampp-backup-19-02-06.sh
To recover a previous backup, you only need to run the following command as the root user:
# Sh/opt/lampp/backup/xampp-backup-19-02-06.sh ****
The command is followed by the password of the root user of MySQL. The following information is displayed:
Checking integrity of files...
Restoring configuration, log and htdocs files...
Checking versions...
Installed: XAMPP 1.5.1
Backup from: XAMPP 1.5.1
Restoring MySQL databases...
Restoring MySQL user databases...
Backup complete. Have fun!
You may need to restart XAMPP to complete the restore.
After recovery, you must restart XAMPP to make the recovered data available.

========================================================== =

Important XAMPP files and directories
XAMPP command library. For example, the/opt/lampp/bin/MySQL executable MySQL Monitor
Apache document root directory
Apache configuration file
/Opt/lampp/etc/httpd. conf
MySQL preparation File
/Opt/lampp/etc/My. CNF
PHP preparation File
/Opt/lampp/etc/PHP. ini
ProFTPD preparation file. (Starting from version 0.9.5)
/Opt/lampp/etc/ProFTPd. conf
PhpMyAdmin preparation File
/Opt/lampp/PHPmyAdmin/config. Inc. php



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