Zend Optimizer not installed possible causes and solutions

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Zend Optimizer not installed possible causes and solutions

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in the configuration of the PHP server, all things are installed, is to browse a request Zend program, always prompt "Zend Optimizer not Installed", uninstall reinstall also not, it is depressed. Online search, there are many of this problem, here are some of the extracts of the solution:
Zend, and the installation is completed but found "Zend Optimizer not Installed", After some comparison, it is found that the configuration information of Zend is not written correctly in PHP.ini, because the previous security configuration makes the php.ini only run and Read permissions, and later installation Zend requires write permission to configure, so it cannot be successfully installed.
possible causes and solutions of "Zend Optimizer not Installed"
By comparison, it is found that the correct installed Zend has the following information in php.ini:
zend_extension_ts = "\zendoptimizer\lib\zendextensionmanager.dll"
zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts = "\zendoptimizer\lib\optimizer"
Zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 1
; zend_optimizer.license_path =
; Local Variables:
; Tab-width:4
; End:
Modify the php.ini file to add two lines
I'm just adding it to the bottom of php.ini at the moment.
zend_extension_ts= "F:\ZEND\lib\Optimizer-3.2.6\php-5.2.x\ZendOptimizer.dll"
Please choose \php-5.2.x\zendoptimizer.dll or any other php-4.2.0 version according to your PHP version. Modify and then restart IIS. You are going to see your phpinfo.php and try ...

Install Supesite class Zend Optimizer problem:
Displays Attention:zend Optimizer not installed. Error
The workaround is to:
Modify PHP.ini, find zend_optimizer.encoder_loader=0, change 0 to 1, then install, Normal (need to restart Apache service)

solution: CP platform → Software →phpconfig→install Default php.ini. Overwrites the file with the same name under the Web site after renaming the generated Php.ini.default (php.ini). It's OK.
you will be prompted when installing Zend: Error parsing on line xx of php.ini. Open it with the editor to see the part that Zend added. I modified it to become this:
; apache2triad Zend Optimizer config
ZendExtensionManager.dll "
zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0
Zend_optimizer.optimization_level =
after reboot, use Phpinfo to view, Zend installation is successful. Next Install Discuz Forum success. However, when installing supesite/x-space, there is a hint like "attention:zend Optimizer not Installed". I sweat ... Obviously Zend no problem. Thinking and a lot of ways (including the Zend version of the Stupid Way), and finally back to the php.ini file. Hands-on modified:
zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 0
Zend_optimizer.enable_loader = 1
Reboot , install, Success! Posted out, hope and I like the novice no longer have such confusion.

To install Discuz, I in the configuration lamp, when the above problem: Php,apache,mysql are installed, Zend optimizer also smooth installation completed (on the surface) .... Depressed for a long time ... Find a lot of pages are not resolved. At last, I found a clue in the condition of phpinfo.php display. Configuration File (php.ini) Path/usr/local/php5/lib/php.ini
This article marked the path of the php.ini, and I looked at it, and I did not have it here, despite the/usr/local/zend/etc; /usr/local/php5/;
/etc/under All, later copied the past, the problem solved ...

hostmonster Space installation Xspace Notebooks
Xspace/supsite provides an integrated portal system, a personal space blog and a forum system together, it is really good to use.
recently help friends apply to Hostmonster space, by the way to install these things, discuz! I installed in a subdirectory, follow the usual practice, create a database/user, smooth installation completed.
but to the installation of Xspace/supsite encounter problems, how also can not go down, hint:
attention:zend Optimizer not installed
in order to run this software, please install the latest version of freely available Zend Optimizer.
install probe check, repeat check, yes, the system has this! And the version is full of new!
Makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
Zend Engine v1.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2004 Zend Technologies with Zend Extension Manager v1.0.10, Copyright (c) 2003- 2006, by Zend Technologies with Zend Optimizer v3.0.2, Copyright (c) 1998-2006, by Zend Technologies
helpless, check hostmonster virtual directory of php.ini, carefully read, this inside also has configuration, strange! Is the following configuration

Check the Php.ini–>/usr/local/zend/etc/php.ini of the system
Finally found the problem, I do not know you see it? Version is not the same!!! Phpinfo reports 3.02, but php.ini in the virtual directory is 2.62.
This is simple, copy the following from the system's PHP.ini directory, overwriting the contents of your own virtual directory.
zend_extension_manager.optimizer=/usr/local/zend/lib/optimizer-3.0.2 zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts=/usr/ local/zend/lib/optimizer_ts-3.0.2 zend_optimizer.version=3.0.2 zend_extension=/usr/local/zend/lib/ Zendextensionmanager.so zend_extension_ts=/usr/local/zend/lib/zendextensionmanager_ts.so
Install again!! Haha, smooth through! Celebrate!!

I solved it:
In fact, most of the above is about the Zend configuration in PHP, this may be a permissions issue Zend installation When something is not written php.ini it. I modify the following code at the bottom of the php.ini file:
zend_extension_manager.optimizer_ts= "C:\Program files\php_iis\zend\lib\optimizer-3.3.0"
zend_extension_ts= "C:\Program files\php_iis\zend\lib\zendextensionmanager.dll"
; zend_extension_manager.optimizer= "C:\Program files\php_iis\zend\lib\optimizer-3.3.0"
; zend_optimizer.version=3.3.0
; zend_optimizer.license_path =
; Local Variables:
; Tab-width:4
; End:
then restart the system, normal! Good easy ~ ~ ~

Zend Optimizer not installed possible causes and workarounds

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