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Zend studio 7.1.0 is used in win7 to solve Chinese, Chinese garbled characters, JS, and other problems

Zend studio is an award-winning professional PHP integrated development environment. It has powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools, supports PHP syntax highlighted display, and supports automatic syntax filling, supports bookmarks, automatic syntax reduction, and code replication. A powerful PHP code debugging tool is built in. It supports both local and remote debugging modes and multiple advanced debugging functions. The new features of Zend studio 7.0 are excerpted as follows:

◆ Supports PHP 5.3

◆ Enhanced source code editing-Local Code reconstruction, semantic analysis, and quick solutions

◆ Faster and simple debugging-detect and diagnose problems and transfer them to the Zend Server

◆ Enhance Zend framework integration-Zend code generation tools, customized project layout, and better performance

At the same time, major updates to the Zend framework 1.9 released also added support for PHP 5.3.


1. Download and install

Download link: http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/7.1.0/ZendStudio-7.1.0.exe



PC home download connection: http://download.pchome.net/development/sever/php/detail-39344.html

Zend studio 7 Registration Code



User name: mimiz_cn
License key: 3b9b9bb76c218b98bb76c218


2. Chinese Version/Chinese Version

◆ 2-1: Download the Chinese package, which can be 80%(Recommended)

Csdn download connection: http://download.csdn.net/source/1835153

Local download connection: http://www.w2blog.net/download/Zend-Studio/zend-studio-7-zh.rar

Download the Chinese package and decompress it to the same directory of Zend that you have installed. Then restart Zend and pull it.

◆ 2-2: official updates


Under the Help menu, select software updates and then select find and install... option. in the pop-up window, select search for new features to install and next. click new remote site in the new window.

Enter any name in the name: box in the new window. For example: zendcn; enter in URL: http://download.eclipse.org/technology/babel/update-site/ganymede next select the updated address of the new, click finished button to end,

Next, Zend studio for eclipse starts to analyze and update the site. The image site selection list window may pop up. Here, select the newly created Update site (zendcn ), you do not need to select to read from other image sites. This will be slow.

After Zend studio for eclipse is analyzed, the Language Pack to be downloaded will pop up. You can check the... simple Chinese option in the last 6th position. Select this option in simplified Chinese.

Next, agree to the agreement, and then start to update the Chinese Language Pack. In the final pop-up window, click Install all.

◆ 2-3: Use the Chinese package of Zend Studio 6


1. Language Pack: http://downloads.zend.com/studio-eclipse/6.0.1/zendstudio6.0-20.age-pack-it.zipdownload

2. decompress the package to a directory, such as C: // downloads // zendstudio6.0-language-pack-it

3. Open Zend studio for Eclipse, help-> Software Updates-> Find and install

4. In the pop-up subform, select search for new features to install and next

5. In the update sites to visit subform, click New location site and select C: // downloads // zendstudio6.0-language-pack-it, after confirmation, it will appear in sites to include in search. It is checked by default, and then click Finish. At this time, the update manager will automatically search for it.

6. After searching, you can find many Simplified Chinese language packs in the search results form. If you select all of them, you will find a problem: wysiwyg php/HTML editing NL feature ( requires feature "com. xored. composer ". the WYSIWYG editor lacks a key component, so we will not install it for the moment. deselect the check box and click Next.

7. agree to the terms and then click Next, finish, install all, and restart eclipse. This completes the entire installation process. However, this language pack is not completely Chinese, but covers some common basic functions.

8. You can set the font attribute of the Code compiling environment in preference.


3. Optimization

◆ 3-1: Increase the code prompt speed

In window-> preferences-> PHP-> Editor-> content assist-> auto-activation, you can adjust the automatic prompt time to 0.

4. Chinese garbled characters

Right-click Project-> properties-> text file encoding-> Other-> UTF-8

5. js prompt (install Aptana in Zend studio 7.1)


We take local File Installation as an example, of course, your network speed is good enough, you can choose eclipse update, the method is to install new software under the Help menu, and then enter the address: http://download.aptana.org/tools/studio/plugin/install/studio to complete this step. The Eclipse plug-in for Aptana is: http://www.aptana.org/studio/inin. find the download studio 2.0 plugin zip. after the download, open Zend studio 7.1, select install new software under the Help menu, click Add, and click archive in the pop-up dialog box, then browse the downloaded ZIP file, 1

Then, find the add in the drop-down menu of work with, 2

In this case, Aptana Studio is displayed in the list. Select this option and next to go to the next step. See figure 3.

Click here to confirm the list of plug-ins that will be installed. Next, select I accept to agree to the authorization protocol and click Finish. After a while, a warning dialog box will appear in the middle. Click Yes. After the installation is complete, restart Zend studio 7.1. Aptana has been successfully implanted into Zend studio, at this time, they will be full of water, regardless of you and me! Next, go to preferences to change the default editor of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to Aptana, so that you can easily use Aptana !~ See

Another example





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Http://qeephp.com/bbs/viewthread.php? Tid = 2695

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