For Windows XP Internet shared access, the "Enter guest password" dialog box is displayed.

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Why is a gray user name guest displayed by default when accessing a Windows XP machine?
This question, I feel like taking a look at this KB ( SCID = KB; ZH-CN; 304040), file sharing and permission descriptions in Windows XP, and refine the Microsoft Knowledge Base's point of view, windows XP is the operating system you use. The "simple file sharing" feature is a new feature in the Windows XP family, which determines whether this feature is disabled or not.
By default, Windows xp OS is enabled. (Windows XP Home is always enabled, and Windows XP Professional is enabled in stand-alone mode, it is disabled after being added to the domain environment .)
If this feature is enabled, your XP will always treat the Guest account for network access. Therefore, your gray Guest Account may occur. If you do not want this to happen, or want to use another account to access your XP Computer (similar to 2000 ), you can disable the "simple file sharing" function and restart your computer. However, you must have a password for the account that provides network access. Otherwise, in Windows XP Professional, a default group policy-an empty password account can only log on to the recovery console. This will prevent normal logon. If your computer version is Windows XP Home or your level is low, we recommend that you use the "Home Network Connection Wizard" to complete the task. Method: Start | run | netsetup, set as prompted.
As for why, after "simple file sharing" is enabled, you can only log on to the Guest account, that is, this phenomenon occurs because of a group policy: run the Local Security Policy in the management tool and find the security options | Local Policy | Security Options> find on the Right> network access: security and sharing methods of the local account. The reason why all accesses from the network use the guest (guest) of the local Sam database as the login account is because of the Group Policy mentioned above. The two are a one-to-one relationship.
The default relationship is as follows:
· Enabling simple file sharing <-corresponding-> "only guests"
· Disabling simple file sharing <-corresponding-> "classic"

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