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Have an eye-catching logo to the enterprise is a great blessing, after all, logo thousands, but the real memorable works are very few. A good logo must be tailored to quickly convey the value and philosophy of the enterprise.

Have an eye-catching logo to the enterprise is a great blessing, after all, logo thousands, but the real memorable works are very few. A good logo must be tailored to quickly convey the value and philosophy of the enterprise.
But the logo can not just keeps things interesting, but also must have thought, multi-function. For example, you can use the standard color in any size of the paper perfectly reproduced and reproduced.

1. Castle Print
A printer brand, the logo is a straightforward manifestation of the business nature of the enterprise: the use of the subtractive model, pointing to its printing industry background, while the color of the mix to create a brand with its own image of the Castle (Castle).

2. Ryan-biggs
The motion of negative space makes this logo have a kind of fantastic effect, completely test your space imagination! The B and r two letters represent the brand, and a slight tilt makes the whole design look more deep and three-dimensional. Color collocation is very simple-red, giving the logo a wider range of use.

3. One Leaf
One leaf, as its name suggests, is a leaf. With this as the axis, it presents such a neat and ingenious picture.

4. Greener
Designers create a sense of modernity with a different type of wick (San-serif). The logo is not only a strong sense of hierarchy, more importantly, you can reproduce with a single tone (this is one of the important criteria for judging the quality of the logo).

5. Talkmore
Talkmore literally means "say a little more". The designer uses the symbolic technique, replaces the letter "a" and "E" respectively in the English single quotation mark, thus gives the brand the most vivid annotation in the graph.

6. Black Sparrow
It looks like a simple icon, but it achieves the ultimate in detail. From the sparrow (ie, Black Sparrow Chinese) pattern to the font, the soft curve and the smooth font complement each other, will integrate the complete design into the brand performance.

7. Swannie Lake
The Avenir of the age-rich font with a smooth pattern, not only with the logo perfect fit, but also add a subtle color.

8. Elara Systems
First of all, Elara Systems is a animation and dynamic model studio, but also required 2D and 3D of the combination. Embodied in the logo, is what you see the effect: Soft curved font with 3D letter "E" (ie, the first letter), a good idea.

9. Onwine
Perfect font with unique concept, Onwine logo for us to show a wine maker's characteristics, whether it is a design or a typeface is impeccable.

What do you mean coherent? This logo will be based on the same font design method with a new height. Each letter contains the letter "O", only to make subtle changes to become "P", originality.

Therauz Fashions.
Can you see the beauty of this logo? The company is engaged in fashion design business, so sewing is indispensable. The long needle in the middle of the screen not only reflects the company's business, but also the middle of a string of letters to "sew" up, became an essential part of the deep meaning can be seen.

Whether it is the letter or color far away, the common characteristic is that the spacing is larger, the effect of this method is serious and avantgarde. The advantage of this arrangement is that the whole logo design looks very balanced with the middle two-letter center.

Spiffy Sparrow
The work uses the complex shape, the line and the color, has made the foundation for the later adjustment. In addition, the use of negative space to shape the bird's torso is also a stunning place.

About Thyme
Neat lines and shapes are the inherent routines of logo design. However, this work seems to be out of the rules: rough hand-painted patterns, giving people an affinity, but also to reflect the brand owner as a condiment company value.

Ta Jevi
An entertainment website. Each part of the logo flashes a sense of joy. Arrows composed of smiling faces convey such information--endless joy. Jumping colors and cool Hand writing highlight the entertainment value of the site.

Anti particle
Chinese name-The antimatter, is a film production company. Here it is necessary to do a small science, the antimatter is very simple, such as the negative electrons of the antimatter is positron, the proton of the antimatter is antiprotons ... Well, back to the logo, obviously, this is another example of the use of the company name. The first letter "A" has an infinite number of particles, but there is exactly one blue particle, which embodies the concept of "antimatter".

Different from the plane 2D design, some logos, like the Monos, through the 3D effect to add depth and interest to the logo. Changing the angle can bring dynamic, why not?

Green Dolphin
The logo uses the contour and green of the dolphin to convey the brand information, but also hides the secondary screen-that is, the capital G Dolphin.

The classic Mobius Belt (Mobius Strip) use case! Soft texture + fantasy color, the whole picture let people realize the never-ending dynamic.

Not all logos need accessory patterns, like the one we see. Although only fonts, but because of the work done in typesetting, logo can also express the concept of the brand.

Friends in Places
Dating sites, it's obvious. The seemingly complicated arrows constitute a map of the world, showing the global and extensive social network in the Internet age, and the brand value of the enterprise is embodied.

A color scheme of software products. The random color collocation outlines a kangaroo's image, which also accords with its product image. Font design is also outstanding, so it can be said that the logo two parts together is a fine, apart is also excellent logo and text.

Handmade glass manufacturer. Generally speaking, the use of transparency in logo design is cautious and cautious, but with the improvement of printing technology, there is no reason to limit the use of this technique. Designers use different colors of the glass bowl for simple piling up, and the appearance of irregular tilt, which precisely captures the characteristics of glass handicrafts. Futura fonts also add to the artwork.

Tammy Lenski
A dispute settlement company in the United States (such as labor disputes, etc.). Now, take thousands of paper cranes, a trip to the mood. Most logos are straightforward to reflect the various aspects of the target enterprise, but the design is through the story and moral of the paper cranes to show the corporate image (Editor Note: The reason is because Westerners do not understand the meaning of thousand paper cranes).

The simplicity of the pattern is not an identity, and the whole piece looks like a life of breaking through the shoots. Ecological Café-the name of the business-gets the most vivid declaration. And because of the simplicity of the logo itself, it is affixed to the window, and can also be printed on the coffee cup.

This is another example of using pop technology, such as transparency, to shape a multi-level logo. The fire-fighting fish (ie firefish, fire fish) are paired with the classic Capital Wick (SAN-SERIF) letters, puzzlement.

Three-dimensional and transparent with the current logo design trend, this piece of work at the same time use these two techniques. Vivid color plus rounded cute font, as if a network based on the era of pioneer image.

After reading this logo, you should be able to learn to distinguish information by color. Magenta Part highlights the company's name "Magic" (magic), and gray font implied the identity of the company, is also the focus of the logo, that is, "ad" (advertising). Finally, make a picture of the letters J and I, making it the image of the Rabbit (Editor's note: The rabbit is a symbol of magic in the West), and once again emphasizes the business ability of the enterprise.

The logo uses explosive methods to give people a strong visual impact, both depth and vitality, at the same time, all lowercase letters of the composition of the style reflects its era.

And the previous mentioned "Popp" logo similar, it is based on a shape to continue, neat lines, color single, the logo's functionality can be imagined how powerful.

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