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A lot of PHP open source (open-source/open) application changed the world, changed the Internet, the following we summarized from the database to shopping, blogs and many other types of open source PHP software for Web developers to reference.

  Blog: WordPress

WordPress is the use of PHP developed a well-known blog platform, free of open source, powerful, not only for the blog building, but also can be widely used in various types of network information publishing platform.

  Forum: PhpBB

phpBB is a popular open source forum software, with Easy-to-use management panel and friendly user installation interface, can easily set up a forum in a few minutes, the function is highly configurable, can be fully customized to a fairly personalized forum.

  CMS: Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management System (CMS) platform with powerful and freely configurable features that support Web projects ranging from individual blogs to large community-driven sites.

  Wiki: MediaWiki

MediaWiki is the PHP language written open source wiki engine, the world's largest wiki project Wikipedia is the use of the MediaWiki engine.

  Digg: Pligg

Pligg is a flexible, digg-like Web2.0 CMS system that is developed using PHP to mimic a popular digg system abroad.

  Image: Gallery

Gallery is a very famous free Open source Gallery album software, based on PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL and other databases. The function is very powerful, has the rich extension to be able to download, installs is very simple, has many plug-ins to be usable.

  RSS: Gregarius

Gregarius is an RSS aggregator, free and open source, with a good user experience, easy to operate and manage. You can use it as an RSS reader.

  e-commerce: oscommerce

OsCommerce is a set of online store solutions developed and maintained by the free software development community, free and open source, and can be applied to any business environment to generate a powerful E-commerce site in a short period of time.

  Advertising: OpenX

OpenX (formerly known as phpAdsNew) is a PHP development of the advertising management and tracking system, suitable for various types of Web sites to use, to manage each advertiser has a variety of any size banner ads, by day view, detailed and summary statistics and e-mail reports to advertisers.

  Micro Blog: Laconica

Laconica is an open source micro-blogging system, but also a Twitter clone, can achieve microblog common functions, many foreign micro-blogging systems are set up through this open source system.

In English: Top Ten Open Source PHP Apps

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