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Facts have proved that even knowledgeable and experienced IT staff can easily make mistakes in managing complex server integration projects and avoid server integration detours. Joe Latrell is the IT manager and chief programmer at a real estate data service company in Pennsylvania, USA. He said: "All Aspects of server integration must be taken into account. There may be a minefield, which is quite dangerous ."

Server virtualization projects are usually easy to prove their necessity from the financial and operational perspectives, but this does not guarantee that the project can be executed safely. The integration project owner and team members fall into traps in almost every stage, such as inadequate planning, incomplete ideas, or rapid discovery of post-deployment faults.

Joe Latrell said: "Every time we think everything is done, we have considered every aspect, but it is always dangerous ." He encountered many difficulties in his project, including insufficient server power supply, misconfiguration, and tight budget.

It is not easy to ensure that complex integrated projects can be implemented on time and on budget while avoiding disasters. Joe Latrell believes that it is inevitable to make several mistakes in a project. However, he warned that there may be problems with the project, so you have to be prepared. At the same time, comprehensive planning and learning from others can avoid making major and obvious mistakes.

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