Forget the glassfish password, then reset the password.

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Method One: If the existing domain does not have what you need, delete the existing domain and recreate a domain.

找到安装glassfish的目录下的 \bin\asadmin 目录,然后打开asadmin.bat文件,这个文件可能没有显示后缀(bat),双击该文件。 然后输入 delete-domain domain1
如果提示删除成功的话,输入create-domain --adminport 4848 domain1

From now on, remember to create a new domain password.

Method Two: Keep the existing domain, create a temporary domain, and then copy the temporary domain admin-keyfile to the old domain.

%SJSAS_HOME%\bin\asadmin create-domain --adminport 4848 temp

copy %SJSAS_HOME%\domains\temp\config\admin-keyfile %SJSAS_HOME%\domains\domain1\config\admin-keyfile

%SJSAS_HOME%\bin\asadmin delete-domain temp

Forget the glassfish password, then reset the password.

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