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Because the general router set a later rarely need to set, so later will appear when you need to enter the router, they will login username and password forgotten, then this situation how to do? mainly divided into 2 kinds of situations:

If you have previously set the login to save the username and password, then you can directly enter the router login address, pop-up landing box will have once saved the user name and password, we can login directly, the following figure:

As shown above, you can go directly to the router interface, if you need to forget the password, you can "restore factory settings" inside the router to restore to the initial default username and password, the following figure:

If you forget that the Router logon user and password have not been able to login to the router, we can also reset the router, the following methods:

First in the router's front or back panel to find a marked reset of the round hole, which is the router to restore factory settings reset key. In the state of power, with a sharp object press the reset key for 5 seconds, then you will see the router in front of the SYS LED light from the slow flashing to a fast flashing state after releasing the reset key, you can successfully reset.

Use a sharp object inserted into the router reset hole suggested that you use ballpoint head, or fine hard wire and toothpicks can be, in fact, the reset is very simple, after the success of the reset, with the default router login username and password can be logged into the router.

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