Form interaction Design: A tour of forms from a user's perspective

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Users use the Publish form as if it were a trip. Can the purpose of the trip be achieved? is the process satisfying? These all determine whether the user will come here again.

First, then why should the user's perspective?

As a designer, have you ever encountered this situation:

· We added a fill item to collect user information.

· Our form is complex because we want users to fill in the content, which is useful;

· Our form should appear at this most important step, so that more users can see it ....

Do you think so when you fill out a form for a user?

· We fill out forms just to get what I want, not to collect information for you;

· If I can, I would like to fill in less information or do not fill out the form, to achieve the same purpose;

· When I want to do a thing, I don't want to see a B form ....

The above scenario may be a bit exaggerated, but it's undeniable that sometimes when we design a form, we don't start from the user's point of view, look at what they want, but from the point of view of our product side, let the user do what we want them to do.

Second, how to view the post form from the user's perspective?

Now that we've put the previous steps into the post form design, we can get the following ideas:

From this we can find that it seems that both before and after the release of these two processes, more easily overlooked. And the design point in the process of how to do it specifically? As a user to see it.

Third, as a user to view the form

The idea is already there, so let's explore the post form as a user.

Before publishing:

As a user, I will hold a certain purpose, to find the tools I need--post form.

First, where do I get into the form?

This question is for the user in what context will be directed to the post form, look at this example:

The post form in the diagram above has a basic understanding of your site and is willing to communicate with it, and such dependencies are easy to accept.

The post portal in the figure above is arranged in the account-related area, not the business-related area, and there is not enough reason to persuade the user to publish from there.

And then, is it consistent with my purpose?

The beginning of the form should be clearly communicated to the user, what does the form do, whether it meets the user's expectations, and if not, where should the user go?

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