Form interface Design 01

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01. Fluttering Animation Form

SystemInformation.PrimaryMonitorMaximizedWindowSize.Width Get screen width

SystemInformation.PrimaryMonitorMaximizedWindowSize.Height Get screen height

Desktoplocation get the location of the form on the Windows desktop

02. Transparent Animation Form

Form Opacity Properties

03. Using API functions to implement animation forms

API function AnimateWindow () to implement the form left, right, up, down, fade in, slide, or scroll animation effects


Eg:animatewindow (this. handle,2000,aw_hor_positive)

04. Flashing Animation Form

Application of API function FlashWindow

TransparencyKey, dock properties for a form

05. Scrolling Caption Animation form

WindowState Property

TransparencyKey Property

06. Super Girl Cartoon form

Application of the bitmap class encapsulating GDI + bitmaps

Application of the bitmap (), Maketransparent () method of the bitmap class

Forms StartPosition, FormBorderStyle properties apply

Overriding the application of the form OnPaint event


07. Always in the top-most login form

Topmost properties of the form

Message dialog box Show method for MessageBox


08. Round form in the center of the screen

System.Drawing.Drawing2D namespaces

AddEllipse Methods for GraphicsPath objects


09. Translucent T-shaped form

Application of point data

Addpolygon method for GraphicsPath object (can draw polygons)


10. Multi-Document MDI form

IsMdiContainer Properties of the form

Drop-down menu MenuStrip control application

Application of the status bar StatusStrip control

Open dialog box OpenFileDialog and Save dialog SaveFileDialog app

Page Setup dialog box PageSetupDialog and page print control PrintDocument application

App for Print Preview dialog box PrintPreviewDialog

Application of Font dialog box FontDialog

Date-Time Object datetime application

Application of RichTextBox control

Application of Clipboard object clipboard

Application of String Stream object StringReader



Form interface Design 01

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