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Absrtact: With the improvement of living standard, digital camera has entered most people's families.
With the improvement of living standards, digital cameras have entered most people's homes. The appearance of film camera created an industrial chain, whether it is film production, sales or printing shop, have gained great benefits. And digital cameras have a greater advantage than ordinary cameras, is to spread and share, through the network, anyone can share their photos and communicate with friends.

In foreign countries, the best photo sharing site should be Flickr, has been bought by Yahoo, in the country, many companies and entrepreneurs also see this market, in addition to traditional portals, entertainment sites have occupied a large number of albums outside the market, More and more web2.0 site is also aimed at the concept of image sharing, there are no less than 10 pictures of domestic blog. Although the entry of the public, but the picture blog is like "looks very beautiful", the number of users gradually grow, but the venture capital has stalled, after all, the single service is facing a large variable. was a pioneer in the early years and had been there for more than a year. Founder Huang, with a few familiar friends together to maintain fotolog. Huang, once the chief editor of NetEase Science and technology channel, resigned last year to run the site independently. Huang describes his fotolog:fotolog as the first provider of mobile blogs and photo blogs in China; Fotolog provides a quick way to organize and publish photos of users.

Q: Why did you start Fotolog in the first place, mainly based on what market or user considerations?

A: In the April of 03, a chance to discover a very good site, was mainly to their some of the new technology is very interested in, at that time on the foreign website to see there are very few Chinese users, the impression is more profound is a Nanjing users, she sent a lot of related to their own life pictures. At that time in the domestic similar sites almost no, and at the same time the domestic blog upsurge is more and more active, so I thought about building a picture sharing site, to 04 years when I met several partners, officially began operating fotolog.

In fact, the founder of Fotolog did not think how to obtain profits, how to obtain a good prospect, as an individual, pure is a new technology preferences.

Q: Most of the domestic web2.0 websites are learning/imitating foreign websites, and people who do similar websites with you once said to copy a Flickr, how do you look at this problem?

A: Imitation is not a bad feeling, nor should be judged as "shameful", but after imitation good at play and combine Chinese characteristics to create a new model and business is the most critical. Learning a site is very easy, but these are limited to the "surface", can understand and clearly learn the core essence of the object is very difficult, for the moment, I personally think that domestic imitators are still stuck in the "surface" learning, and did not get rid of the "shadow."

Q: You originally work on the portal site, and when you resign, this site should be no income, to give up good work income to do this site, is not a bit risky? Can you talk about what was considered at the time?

A: In fact, there are friends to explain why I am willing to give up netease good income, and to plunge into a "hard" entrepreneurial process, I summed up in a simple sentence, is "confidence and passion."

Q: As an entrepreneur needs to have a very good mentality, but in the income, users, applications and so are not very clear circumstances, it will inevitably be a little worried, you think your entrepreneurial mentality?

A: In fact, when you want to decide to start a business, you may find that there are many problems are not thought of. May say that the original business is so difficult and painful, may have "regret", but I think this is inevitable, I think, self-made successful entrepreneurs, their biggest feature is confidence and passion. Similarly, for me, "information and passion" is the source of my motivation.

Q: Since most of the web2.0 sites are small-scale operations, so from a cost perspective and personal interests are more relevant, but web2.0 the biggest problem is the development of the site, you think the current obstacles to your rapid development?

A: One of the problems I'm facing right now is cost pressure. Fotolog has more than 20,000 new images a day, with more than 4000 new registered users per day, and the geometric growth of operating costs is now a big problem that is blocking our development.

Q: For application-oriented Web sites, the way out seems to be acquired, such as Flickr and other sites abroad, where do you think the application-oriented web2.0 site is?

Answer: Find a sustainable way, first solve the "survival" and then consider "fantasy."

Q: Since the application of image blog may be more and more common, but it is likely to face the portal of gold how foreign sites may also enter the Chinese question, you worry about these issues? As Fotolog, what confidence can deal with the entry of these giant websites?

A: I am not worried about any company at home and abroad to carry out the Image blog service, it is still in the cultivation of the market, everyone together for the big market is beneficial to anyone.

Q: In foreign application-oriented sites, many are relying on a complementary web site to achieve success, such as Flickr is because it is open to the user's favor, and in the domestic seems to cooperate in the environment is not so good, how do you look at this problem?

A: Open and reciprocal cooperation is a lack of domestic websites, in fact, there is a fundamental problem is that everyone wants to "succeed". As Fotolog, I hope it is an open platform, but at present there is no way to cooperate with the cooperation point is not much, I also hope that there are more cooperative mode to develop together.

Q: What do you personally think of venture capital?

A: Venture capital is a highly effective "catalyst". But not an essential "catalyst".

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