Four Common dietary errors

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"Living is not for dinner". For ambitious business people, obtaining higher incomes, managing better teams, and creating higher sales performance are what they seek. However, "food is for better living", many business people have not understood this simple truth. In general, Common dietary mistakes made by business people include:

1. No breakfast

Many white-collar workers like to stay up late at night. The result is that they cannot get up the next morning. In order not to be late for work, you have to sacrifice breakfast. The danger is that, in the case of serious stomach injury, you will not be able to work in the morning, and it is easy to "show up ".

2. Dinner is too full

Breakfast is skipped due to time constraints. Lunch is usually handled in a rush in the unit. In the evening, it is difficult for a family to get together and have plenty of time. You have to treat yourself well, as a result, many business people are used to taking dinner as the most abundant meal of a day. As everyone knows, this is equally harmful to health.

In the evening, the amount of insulin in the blood is the peak of a day. Insulin can convert blood sugar into fat and condense on the vascular wall or on the abdominal wall. Therefore, people become obese after dinner is too full. At the same time, if dinner lasts too long, it is easy to damage the human body's normal biological clock, causing people to suffer from insomnia.

3. Coffee

Coffee is the favorite of white-collar workers in the city. With the improvement of current office conditions, many companies have begun to provide free coffee for their employees, so many white-collar workers will have at least 10 or 8 cups of coffee a day. However, many people may not know that drinking too much coffee is equally harmful to health. Studies show that coffee reduces the pregnancy rate of women. Coffee also contains high levels of caffeine, which can change the function of the heart, increase cholesterol in the blood vessels, and be prone to heart disease. In addition, although a moderate amount of coffee is refreshing, the study found that more than five coffee cups a day, the ability to understand will decline, it will be difficult to complete the complex work.

4. fruit is the staple food

In order to pursue a slim body, some white-collar women often do not eat staple food, instead of fruit, and think that the fruit is both nutritious and slim. In fact, this is a big mistake. Although the fruit contains a variety of vitamins and sugar, it lacks the protein and trace elements required by the human body. In the long run, it will cause nutritional imbalance and even lead to various diseases.

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