Four features of networked storage devices

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Networked storage devices have many different characteristics, and joint de-dupe technology also faces different requirements:

More sensitive to energy efficiency

The use of operational resources is required to decompose data into basic elements and indexed storage, and reverse operation to revert data after repeated deletion to the original state for front-end host access.

Network storage devices must apply the front-end host real-time write and read data requirements, is very sensitive to energy efficiency, can not allow the implementation of DE-DUPE and restore operations, resulting in front-end host access delay.

Repeat cuts lead the day lower

Many backup-type De-dupe technologies claim 20~30 times, or even 50 times times more space-saving ratios, based on a "daily full backup" basis.

Generally, the amount of change in the enterprise data is usually limited, add or change part of the daily, the proportion of the total amount is not large, so if you perform a full backup every day, the vast majority of the data is clearly duplicated between the two full backups. The use of de-dupe on this basis, to get dozens of times times the space savings effect is taken for granted.

But in the networked storage environment, there is no previously mentioned data that is inherently highly repetitive, and the rate of reduction is very limited.

Networked storage processes raw data directly

The backup device holds data that is a copy of the original data and is only available if it needs to be restored; The network storage device holds the raw data that must be applied to the front-end host access at any time. Therefore, the integration of DE-DUPE technology in networked storage devices will require higher reliability and usability of the repetitive subtraction algorithm.

Need to integrate with other storage functions

Many gain storage functions are based on the original disk of the networked storage device, such as snapshot clone remote replication, and so on network disk operation De-dupe, also must consolidate these application features, not because of enable de-dupe and hinder other function execution.

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