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Software is a routine software that we often use. We can see any beautiful pictures on the Internet through the software, seize the wonderful moments, and keep the beautiful pictures permanently in your computer. With the improvement of people's living standard and the change of life style, tools are becoming more and more popular. Obtaining beautiful pictures is no longer a patent of IT professionals, but more common and popular, it has become fashionable and possible for everyone to get beautiful images. At present, there are a wide variety of software and the quality is uneven. In the face of various software, how can we make a choice? Which software is truly suitable for your needs? This article provides a comprehensive evaluation of the four most popular software. The evaluation results can be used as a reference for you to select the appropriate software. before the evaluation, let's take a look at the four software involved in the evaluation.
   I. Software introduction and installation:
Software name: SnagIt 8.1.0

SnagIt, as a major software sector, not only supports general operations, but can be directly embedded into Word, PowerPoint, and IE Browsers without starting Snagit; the game features that were not supported in the past were also improved. SnagIt is easy to install and can be completed in one step. Software name: HyperSnap-DX 6.10.01 Simplified Chinese version (fire)
HyperSnap is a legacy software that supports standard desktop programs, 3D games, and video playback. It features shortcut keys and can capture images from scanners or digital cameras. It supports more than 20 image formats for storage. At the end of HyperSnap installation, you are also prompted to check whether to install third-party software such as "official Chinese Internet version", "shopping on eBay", and "yahoo assistant.
Software name: Red dragonfly screenshot sprite 2005 1.23 build 0430
As a free software developed by Chinese people, the Red dragonfly captures the graphic genie, which is more in line with Chinese people's usage habits, you can capture the entire screen, activity window, selected area, fixed area, selected control, selected menu, and other conventional image capturing. The image output methods are diverse, including files, clipboard, drawing, and printer. The original menu capture function is one of its highlights. When the software installation is complete, you are also prompted to check whether to install the third-party software "Thunder", and then restart the system to complete the software installation.
Software name: SPX Instant Screen Capture & SPX Studio 5.0-2.1 Chinese edition
As a small Screen Capture tool, SPX Instant Screen Capture can Capture the selected area or the entire window, you can send captured images to the clipboard, email, image editor, or directly save them as files in BMP, GIF, and other formats. It is not only easy to use, but also can make a tear effect, this is not small highlight of the software.
Ii. ease of use of software

1. Snagit
When using Snagit, You must select an image capture solution. In Figure 1, select a capture scheme for the "Scheme" item, and click "capture" in the lower right corner to capture the screen image. If you have any special requirements, you can select the "capture" menu to obtain a wide range of functions.

Figure 1 main Snagit Interface

2. HyperSnap
All the methods of the software are concentrated in the "capture" menu item in Figure 2, and general operations can be selected here, if you want to capture games and video images that cannot be captured by general software, you can click the "enable special capture" menu item and a corresponding setting window will pop up for capturing.

Figure 2 main HyperSnap Interface

3. Red dragonfly
Select the mode in the left column (Figure 3) and click the "capture" button to capture the specified image and enter a simple image editing window to process the image as necessary, click "finish" to save the image.

Figure 3 graphic sprite Main Interface

4. SPX Instant Screen Capture
Different from the previous three software's main interface, the software will display a software icon on the system tray, holding and holding the right mouse button, until the mouse pointer becomes a cross pointer, press and hold the left mouse button to frame the object to be captured. After you release the mouse button, the software automatically displays the save file dialog box.
3. Shortcut Key Support

1. Snagit
Snagit allows you to set separate shortcuts for each solution, right-click the capture solution, and select "set hotkey" in the pop-up shortcut menu ", you can modify it in the "change solution hotkey" window.
2. HyperSnap
HyperSnap provides powerful shortcut keys. You can view the shortcut keys corresponding to the corresponding operation in the "Capture → configure hotkeys" menu (figure 4.

Figure 4 HyperSnap hotkey setting window

3. Red dragonfly
The default capturing Shortcut Key of the Red dragonfly screenshot Sprite is "Crtl + Shift + C". Click the "hotkey" tab (figure 5) to select or select the drop-down menu to modify the settings. The only inconvenience is that it cannot set the corresponding shortcut keys for the corresponding solution.

Figure 5 Red dragonfly screenshot sprite hotkey setting window

4. SPX Instant Screen Capture
Click the software icon on the system tray. In the pop-up "options" window (figure 6), there are different shortcut keys for different capture items, when you move the cursor to the corresponding Key Position Setting box, you can easily modify the shortcut key by pressing the keys on the keyboard.

Figure 6 SPX Instant Screen Capture hotkey setting window

4. functional competition (four basic functions are available. This evaluation takes video/Game interception as an example)

1. Snagit
You can switch to the Direct X input mode by clicking the capture → input → advanced → Direct X menu items, after that, you only need to press the Scroll Lock button to capture the video/game screen. Figure 7 Snagit select "Direct X Input" Mode

2. HyperSnap
When using HyperSnap to capture video/Game images, you only need to click the "Capture> enable special capture" menu item, select all the options in the red box in the pop-up window, and enable the HyperSnap video/Game function. Just like the snagit button, HyperSnap uses the Print Screen key to capture video/Game images.

Figure 8 special capture function enabled for HyperSnap

3. Red dragonfly
No video/Game screenshot function.
4. SPX Instant Screen Capture
No video/Game screenshot function.
5. Featured Functions
1. Snagit
Snagit provides the "recording on-screen video" solution, which is very practical. At work, I use this function to record some common software into avi files and play them on the LAN, taught many cainiao users. The method is as follows: click "Other capturing scheme> recording on-screen video", left-click the screen to draw an area, and click the "Start" button in the pop-up window to record your operations, finally, click the "end" button to complete the recording of a computer teaching demonstration.
2. HyperSnap
The OCR software is often required to extract the text from the image. Now HyperSnap can extract text from images. Do you believe it? Let's take a look at its "text capture" function. Open the image for text extraction, and press the "ctrl + shift + t" shortcut key to display the corresponding text in the HyperSnap window.
3. Red dragonfly
In general, it is very easy to intercept the window and area, but it is not so easy to intercept the menu of the activity. It is very difficult to process the captured image again. However, the screenshot capture function of the selected menu provided by the Red dragonfly captures the activity menu. Click the "Select menu" button on the left side, switch to the interface for intercepting the menu, and immediately press the "ctrl + shift + c" shortcut key to get the perfect menu (figure 9 ).

Figure 9 shortcut menu

4. SPX Instant Screen Capture
Adding edge effects, annotations, and watermarks is the biggest highlight of the SPX Instant Screen Capture software.
In "enhancement", select "Edge Effect" (figure 10), then select the "Tear effect" check box on the right, and click the specific location of the tear in the "position" column; drag the "depth" slider to observe the tearing effect in the preview window below and adjust it to your satisfaction. It is easier to set the color of the outer edge, the color of the shadow, and the color of the background. Just click the color drop-down box next to it to select the color you want. Adding comments and watermarks is also very simple. Once you learn it, you will not repeat it here. Is it cool to have so many effects?

Figure 10 SPX Instant Screen Capture Enhancement

6. Supported file formats

Software File Format
SnagIt 8.1.0: bmp, gif, jpg, tif, png, ico, cur, pdf, swf, mht, etc.
HyperSnap: bmp, gif, jpg, tif, png, ico, cur, psd, eps, wmf, and other 20 formats
Red dragonfly: bmp, gif, and jpg
SPX Instant Screen Capture: bmp, gif, jpg, and png
As a veteran software, Snagit and HyperSnap are undoubtedly outstanding in terms of functionality and have their own special features: I was deeply impressed by Snagit's "Admission screen video" and the text taken out of HyperSnap pictures, which showed that they not only captured their jobs but also had their own unique features. Although it is a little difficult to get started, they have become essential tools for professionals. As the saying goes: The power of functions is often at the cost of complicated operations. For cainiao users, too powerful functionality may not be the best choice. While the simple operation interface of the Red dragonfly screenshot Sprite, although its shortcut key function does not set a separate shortcut key for each solution, it does not affect its function, and the screenshot menu function is very practical, suitable for cainiao users. Although the SPX Instant Screen Capture solution is not as rich and diverse as the previous three software, it adds edge effects, annotations, and watermarks, greatly enriching the connotation and functions of the software, it is very suitable for fashion people who not only meet the requirements.
Comparison of four software functions:

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