Four strokes to enhance the Thunder download efficiency

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Thunder is our favorite download tool, its high-speed download for us to bring a lot of happiness. However, as with the general software, it also provides a lot of rich options, set these options, often can give us more exciting downloads, played a role of 42.

First, do not affect the global cannot download resources to the last

Sometimes you may encounter a resource that cannot be downloaded or difficult to download, but the Thunderbolt is always trying to connect to these resources, which wastes a lot of bandwidth and system resources. To ensure global downloads, we can make the following settings: Select tools → configuration, click the Advanced tab on the left, and then select the advanced to move the task that does not receive data to the last time of the download queue check box, and then set it smaller, such as 1 minutes.

As a result, if you encounter a resource that cannot be downloaded or is difficult to download, it will be moved to the end of the download queue in 1 minutes, ensuring a priority download for other resources.

Figure 1 processing a resource that cannot be downloaded

Second, do not find the resources recommended dog Search

Although the Thunderbolt download is doing well, it is not guaranteed to be able to download 100% to the resource. However, we can select the recommend alternative resources after download failure in Figure 1 window in the "Show hints" check box. In this way, when you encounter the resources can not download, the Thunderbolt will jump out as shown in Figure 2 window, we just click directly, you can automatically go to the Thunder Dog search to search for the appropriate resources.

Figure 2 recommend going to the dog to search for the appropriate resources

Three, meet the big HD file one after another

Although the number of simultaneous tasks in the Thunderbolt is 20, but now the file on the net relatively large (there are a lot of HD resources). If we often download large files, you can set this number to 1, so that the Thunder to concentrate, the next big effort to download a large file and then download another. Can greatly enhance the stability, the equivalent of lifting speed! All we have to do is select tools → configuration, click the Connection tab, and then set the maximum number of simultaneous tasks to 1 (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Setting the maximum number of simultaneous tasks

IV. Selective monitoring download files

Usually when browsing the Web, by default, Thunder will monitor all file types, which is unnecessary, which consumes too much system resources. In fact, some file types we will never download, such as the Linux platform under the 7z, bz2, GZ, gzip or LZH files. We can select tools → configuration, click the Watch tab, and then delete unnecessary file types under Watch type (Figure 4).

Figure 4 Deleting unnecessary file types

With these skills, I believe that the download experience will be fully upgraded.

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