Four Super Practical web design composition principles

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Symmetrical Balance

If you want to look beautiful and elegant on your page then you should do a site symmetry. This effect can easily be achieved by either side of the central axis on a similar object. This can be explained by the same size, a text paragraph based on the grid, or an image with a matching text photograph. Here's a couple of web design examples that follow this format.

  Mount Barker High School

  Wonder Bread Ballon

You can easily find the layout of many centers around the web, in fact, symmetrical design is considered to be the most pleasing design. This is also the typical mode of thinking for most people.

Of course, when you're ready to adopt a symmetrical design, more often than not, it's not as superficial and simple as you might think. With this in mind, you might as well start with a flat color scheme. If you're a novice, try to use white as much as possible until you have enough ability to create your own design.

After all, this design is the most pleasing, so most people like clean, concise and perfectly symmetrical pages. But more ingenious designers will use some of the more sophisticated design layouts that are more innovative.

  Asymmetric balance

Asymmetrical balance brings a sense of free and casual. Although it may not seem natural at times, it is often useful in web design. You can see that asymmetrical balance is often used in some large high-definition images as page backgrounds, subject away from the central axis, in order to keep more eye-catching headlines in the middle.

  Orangina European Site

  The Enterprise Foundation

The main purpose of its design is to shift to the left or right (or top or bottom). Therefore, if you decide to use asymmetric functionality, you should be prepared to experiment multiple times to avoid confusing site visitors.

No matter what type of symmetry, the core is that you want to make the overall balance.

  Horizontal balance

Horizontal balance is the most classic page layout. Most people are used to reading from left to right, so the layout is the most natural way to layout.

This is the most classic layout design, if your customer is more traditional, then your design should be simple and clear. Here's a case.

  Business Accessorie

  Vertical balance

The vertical structure is used in situations where the head and bottom elements are very similar. Such layouts are often used in small-picture displays, such as the following example:

  Portfolio by Ryan M. Stryker

  Paradox Labs


Balance is the most important and easily overlooked thing in web design. The visual balance can be reconciled by the layout of the interface elements, such as choosing the best fit, the size and position of the elements. Sometimes, you need to be bold and innovative, not to be wedded to tradition.

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