Four tips for typesetting with a word text box

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One, let multiple text boxes connect

A page might need to use several text boxes, what if we need to link so many word text boxes to each other? In fact, this operation is relatively simple, we just click on the menu bar in the "Insert" menu, in its Drop-down menu, point to the text box option, After selecting the text box type "horizontal" or "vertical" in the submenu that appears, drag the first text box in the appropriate position in the workspace, depending on the purpose, and then drag it to a page size for multiple page layouts. Then use the above method to drag out the second, third ... A text box.

Next, with the mouse to select the first text box, you will see the Pop-up text Box toolbar (if not, click the ' View '--> ' toolbar '--> ' text box ' option). Click the first button on the toolbar similar to the chain, when everyone uses the mouse to point to the second text box, the mouse pattern becomes a special connection icon, at this time you just click the left mouse button, then the second text box and the first text box link on the. But what if you want multiple text boxes to be connected to a string? As above, you select the second text box, click the Create Text Box link button on the Text Box toolbar, and then click the Third text box, and if you connect the rest of the text box, follow the same procedure.

Second, the size of the free custom text box

If you click the Word text box with your mouse, you'll find that the text box rectangle has 8 small boxes around it, and you can resize the text box by dragging the mouse over the small frame. If you use the mouse to drag the small box on the left to enlarge the text frame to the right, drag the small box on the right-hand side to enlarge the text frame. If you drag the small box around the text frame and hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard, you can zoom out of the center or inward, and if you hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard, you can achieve the purpose of the Synchronized Zoom text box.

Third, to achieve accurate positioning of the image

As you know, it is very difficult to achieve accurate positioning of images in a text document. But we can use a text box to achieve accurate positioning of the image, because the text box is like a note paper contained in a text file, you can move the image or text in the text box to any location in the text file. To achieve accurate positioning of the image, you first insert a text box in the text file, then insert the image in the text box, and then drag the text box with the mouse to the specified location.

Four, hand-drawn text box

When you hand-draw a text box, you can skillfully draw a special type of text box with the help of a function key on the keyboard. For example, when you click a toolbar to draw an icon, holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard enables you to draw from the center, holding down the SHIFT key on your keyboard to draw a square text box, while holding down the CTRL key and the SHIFT key, you can implement a text box that draws a square from the center to the outside.

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