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Baidu Green Luo algorithm launched (we call it the fourth generation search), a lot of webmaster confused, especially in the construction of the chain lost direction, how can we build outside the chain to be effective? How to implement the SEO work effectively? Today, the niche with their own actual combat experience to give you a detailed explanation.

First of all, to enhance the trust of the site in addition to high-quality outside the chain there is a need to consider the relevance of the chain, this is very important. If you do some unrelated links, it does not make any difference.

Secondly, the website optimization should do more high-quality links, not quantity. Site outside the chain should be required quality and relevance, Baidu, Google, 360 or so, are trying to improve the user experience, so the chain of junk on the site optimization does not have any role. They are more concerned that the site is linked to the high credibility of the site!

In addition, the user's browsing behavior by the search engine as the site value judgment of one of the criteria. Baidu share, statistics and so on the content of these statistics will be included in the search engine one of the algorithms. If the two sites ranked different, ranked by the site click Rate if more than the top of the site, then the ranking of the site after the user experience may be more than ranked the first site, a short period of time will be more than the rank of the previous site.

Again, the importance of the anchor connection within the site article. A very high value of the content of the article will be reprinted and forwarded by many sites, if this article has a link to your site, then the search engine will think your site and site content has a high value, on your site rankings and weights have a great help! Reprint more to your site to bring the higher the weight!

Some of the above is the most important search engine today, we do the site to completely stand in the user's point of view, our site will have a good ranking, search engine algorithms frequently change, we optimize to always uphold the principle of user first, we provide users with value, users to help us reprint, Search engines will also determine the value of our site or not!

If you do not find the direction of SEO, you may return to zero, put away those density, weight, spiders and the like. We turn ourselves into ordinary visitors, after entering the site you are how to feel, there is no easy to find their own things to find, see things have not helped us? These we have done the search engine no reason not to give us good rankings! Jobs is a very important user experience representative, we do today's fourth generation search engine optimization can be said to be gradually become the search engine essence (return to the user) the direction of their own site to do a good job, will naturally be in the search engine has a better performance! This article is based on Tianjin wedding dress (http:// Original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5 start!

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