Fourth: how to deal with people who say bad things in the back

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Fourth: how to deal with people who say bad things in the back

Author: (Dr. Shi) Today's story is an updated version of the previous story. It is a story about impulse.
In the beautiful town, there is a very good relationship between the two masters, one of them called he quit smoking, and the other called Liu jieworried.
There is also a female Shi Zhu, Hui yuan, who is recognized as a town flower in the town. In this year, Hui Yuan's female Shi was sixteen years old. In that age, the sixteen-year-old female is married, so in this year, the house of the Huiyuan female is about to be broken by the donors who come to ask for advice.
Because it is Zhenhua, the requirements of the family members of Huiyuan female shi zhu are naturally a little higher. Therefore, the affair of Huiyuan female Shi Zhu has not been determined.
He quit smoking and Liu Jie worried that the donor often had dinner in a small restaurant. During this time, Liu Jie worried that the donor always felt that he had some thoughts on smoking cessation. Recently, he quit smoking because the donor showed abnormal performance. In the past, he had to ask the boss to add eight bowls of rice each time because the rice was free. But in recent days, he can only eat four to five bowls of rice each time. In addition, he gave up smoking and the donor was also in a daze from time to time. He also sighed when he saw the Fallen flowers and the dead branches.
Liu jiejie worried that the donor was very surprised that he had a question about how to quit smoking.
He gave up smoking and the donor looked at Liu Jie's sorrow. The donor sighed and told his friends his thoughts. He gave up smoking and the donor liked Huiyuan's female donor for a long time, recently, Hui Yuan's female donor's family has a constant lineup of friends, so that he can't stay up late at night. In the face of the powerful challenges, she decided to keep this feeling deep.
As a result of emotional suffering, he quit smoking, who was healthy, has now lost less than two hundred.
This night, Liu Jie worried that he had been sleeping for a long time. He wanted to share his worries for his friends, so Liu Jie worried that the donor decided to give it a try.
Liu Jie worried that the donor thought that before the victory or defeat, we should be willing to gamble and defeat, but failure that has not worked hard cannot be tolerated.
Liu Jie worried that Shi had booked a room in the best teahouse in the town and invited Hui Yuan's parent.
Liu jieworried and the donor directly explained his intention, that is, to make media for his good friends.
Hui Yuan's female donor's parents are stunned. The two old people know how to quit smoking. After all, everyone lives in a small town and knows the root of most people, they also know that he has a good character, but the son-in-law election is different from the employee selection. The more perfect, the better. In addition, there have been a lot of good applicants recently, and the old couple have been dazzled.
Seeing that the two old people were hesitant, Liu jiejie worried about the advantages of the two old people, and he boasted from the beginning to the end, then I went back from my feet to my head and went back to boast about the two old people's hearts.
At this time, in the hot sun in the town, he quit smoking and the donor is rushing to the teahouse. He keeps sneezing, however, he did not think it was because Liu jieworried that the donor was praising him in the teahouse.
A few minutes ago, Liu jiejie asked a child to give a message to the quit smoking donor. Liu jiejie said: "You have made a major breakthrough in your life, and you have come to the town's teahouse quickly."
He did not know what a good friend did for him, but from the child's excited face, he guessed that Liu jieyou may have persuaded Huiyuan's female's parent.
Here, I would like to explain that although he's reasoning conclusion about smoking cessation is relatively reliable, the reason is wrong. The smile on the face of the child is because Liu jieworried that the master gave him a lot of candy.
At this time, in the teahouse, an impossible marriage is undergoing dramatic changes. In the face of Liu Jie's powerful eloquence, huiyuan's female donor's parents are accepting the opinion of Liu jieworried about the donor. A man has no money, and he can gain a fat body. When he was a child, having a smallpox left a sequent effect, because these are not important, what is the most important thing in life? The important thing is that you cannot have no talent, no kind of heart, and no spirit that never gives up.
Liu Jie worried that the donor looked at the two old donor faces getting more and more excited, and his heart was also very comforting. After all, it was the happiness of a friend's life.
At this time, he quit smoking and the donor has run up the stairs of the teahouse. One minute later, we can boldly predict that this marriage will become a good story to talk about with the villagers after dinner.
At this time, in the house, the mother of Huiyuan's female Shi suddenly asked, Liu Jie worried, listen to you, this quit smoking is simply the top choice of our Huiyuan family. If you have said so many advantages about him, isn't there any disadvantages?
Liu Jie likes and likes his mouth. He thought, in fact, there are many shortcomings in smoking cessation, but what should I do?
Liu jieworried: Of course, how can people have no disadvantages? There are still some small flaws.
Liu jiejie worried and gave up his mind over the hundreds of disadvantages of smoking cessation. None of them is really a small one.
Liu jiejie said, he quit smoking. Sometimes his temper is in a hurry and he is impulsive when he encounters something.
Liu jieyugang was about to continue his speech. He suddenly heard some strange noise from the background, as if it was an item that broke the air. He turned his head and looked at it, A head-on slipper caught his head.
He gave up smoking and the donor stood at the door with a cross Waist Muscle and angry face. He said loudly, "Liu Jie is worried, so I have treated you as a friend for so many years, and you have said bad things in your back, why am I in a hurry? How can I be impulsive when I encounter something?

What is the end of the story? Of course it's a good marriage.
Do you think that your life may not experience reputation destruction! What should we do?
Gao senghan said: "If someone slander me, insult me, and laugh at me. We should endure him, avoid him, ignore him, and wait for a few years. It's just like watching the cloud.
Time can solve many problems. It can turn deep anger into an invisible one and turn resentment into thoughts.
However, we often choose a stupid method. We let our anger go and let it go.
Why should I be angry when I hear it? I need to know how to give myself more opportunities and why I don't regret it.
We need a little time and a little time to let everyone go.
We need to think about the sources of anger before we get angry.
Maybe the comments that make us unsatisfied are the true opinions of others.
The wrong person is ourselves, and we don't want to admit it even if we don't want.
It is easier to correct yourself than to put pressure on others.
Maybe we are just taking it out of context. We use our imagination to enlarge the negative comments in others' goodwill.
Let down a piece of sincerity, more disappointing than anger itself.
Perhaps it is just a bit of time to think about it that will let the anger that hinders our mood dissipate.
Now that you know, do it.

Let's say that people are fond of Yu 
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