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Hello everyone, I am a fox, I am very happy to continue to communicate with you. Today, we are going to talk about what to talk about and what to say about alliances.

Website Alliance, a carrier between the advertisers and the long site, as the intermediary carrier, do both sides are not people, both sides offend the carrier.

There are a lot of webmaster friends chatting with the Fox, the Fox asked them, what is the impression of the alliance? 95% Webmaster Friends will tell the Fox: Chaos, Bad, black, thieves.

Many advertisers have this experience of the main friends, one-month fee is not less, quality does not go, the delivery did not achieve the desired effect.

And the alliance is also complaining to everyone, webmaster cheat fiercely, advertisers are not satisfied with the revocation of advertising. It's so depressing.

View of the alliance market, full of deduction, rejection, arrears and many other problems, you 40%? contented, and 80% of that, refused to send January? Satisfied with it, there are tens of thousands of pieces of confiscated that, the default of 3 months? Stop complaining and refuse to admit it.

For a long time, the alliance industry has a latent rule, deduction amount, arrears, if you do not deduct amount, not arrears of the alliance, you are embarrassed to continue to stay in the network in the circle of mixed? Why, the destruction of the ecological environment Ah!

So far, China does not have any laws to protect the interests of the owners of the alliance, can only use moral standards and public opinion to maintain the bond between each other, as if the young girl always wearing a three-point bikini, we all know what she is holding, but, we all know, she has always one day is not sustained.

Talk about the alliance, why not? The Alliance's road is also fast, has the water to have the fish, when the water dries quickly, how can the fish still exist that? 07 is the Year of transition, development year, research year, Many of the expected webmaster has been converted into a direct research into the local enterprise form up. And the advertisers to the alliance also gradually lost the loyalty of the past. Slowly to the local or well-known site to stop the road to go.

The internet is not the way it used to be, how far can the alliance go? Do you not see the many kinds of alliances that are going to go down today and rise again tomorrow? Don't you see the advertisers shaking their heads away? did not see stationmaster friend helpless hate scold a sentence: garbage union, and disappear?

In fact, the garbage is not a single alliance, but the long-term disorderly market environment brought about by the chaotic environment, in fact, the alliance is also very helpless.

Talk about nothing but the alliance. Welcome people of Insight to discuss: add q:58893388, or login to my forum http://bbs.zzchn.com

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