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To prevent others from peeking at Foxmail mailboxes, you typically set an access password for the Foxmail account. What if you lose this code accidentally? There are some ways to solve a momentary rush.

1. Copy the Account.stg file under other accounts

Create a new account in Foxmail, assuming 123. Then open "Explorer" or "My Computer", and find the Foxmailmail folder, you will find that there are many folders named after the account name, open the "123" folder, there is a file called "Account.stg", copy it to your forgotten password in the account directory , and directly overwrites the original "Account.stg" file in the directory. Rerun Foxmail, click the account that forgot the password, hehe, it will not ask you the password again, can enter this mailbox directly!

2. Renaming or deleting ACCOUNT.STG files

In fact, it can be easier to enter the forgotten password account, browsing their previous letters. The method is: Enter the Mail folder under the directory name of your account name directory, the Account.stg file renamed or deleted, and then run Foxmail, at this time do not need a password to enter the mailbox! The method is simple enough!

3. Use Foxmail account password cleaner

Foxmail account Password Scavenger is a small green software that can be used to unlock Foxmail passwords When you forget your account password. Only 2 files Readme.txt and Clr_foxmailpwd.exe after decompression. Run CLR_FOXMAILPWD. EXE, click on the "Open" button on the right to select the Foxmail account directory you want to purge, which is named after your account name in the Mail subdirectory under the Foxmail installation directory.

For example, if you forget the password of the account name 123,foxmail installed in the C-packing directory, then you have to select the directory is c:foxmailmail123, selected then click the "Clear Password" button. Now open Foxmail, click the original password of the account, do not need a password to enter the account! If you click the "Fix Password" button can also find the original password, this time will not be afraid to forget the password!

4. Use Foxmail Mail Viewer

Unlike the software described above, the software can directly view the encrypted account of the mail, it does not clear the password of the account, Foxmail Mail Viewer can support Foxmail 3.xx/4.xx and other versions, you can download the software online, only one file C-foxmail, Size is 32K. Run Foxmail, select the encrypted account name you want to view, then run Cfoxmail, click the Foxmail icon in the C-foxmail main interface, do not release the left button, then point to the Foxmail Account List window, and then release the left button. The software generates a list of users in its own window. In the window to find the encrypted account name, loosen left button, at this time Foxmail will prompt you to enter the password, click the "Cancel" button, now no password can see the content of the message!

5. Using the 16-in-File editor UltraEdit-32

UltraEdit-32 is a very good text, Hex, ASCII code editing software, you can edit the EXE and DLL files, using UltraEdit can freely customize their own applications, truly arbitrary use of software. After downloading, run UltraEdit, and then use it to open the Foxamil main program Foxmail.exe file, press ALT + F3 to open the Find window, and then look for the following code: e82978e4ff7515, click "Next" Button will find the only one result, change them to e82978e4ff9090, the other content unchanged. You can then save the results of the changes.

Run Foxmail.exe, open you forget the password of the Foxmail mailbox, any input points, you can enter your email! Next, reset a new password.

This technique is effective for the latest Foxmail5.0. For Foxmail 4.X, you can open foxmail.exe with UltraEdit-32, and then find: e81de7e9ff7515, find it and change it to e81de7e9ff9090.

6. Using the 16-in-file editor

Winhexwinhex is a 16 into the file editor, with UltraEdit, you can use it to retrieve the foxmail password. Run Winhex and use it to open the Account.stg file under the Forgotten Password Account folder (assuming your account name is 123, open the Account.stg file under the 123 folder under the Foxmail installation directory). In the Winhex window you can see that there are 3 columns in the window, the leftmost is the offset value, the equivalent line number, the middle display is 16 code, the right side is the text for each group of code corresponding to the display. The data in the offset address "00000f89" to "00000FAF" is the encrypted account password, which is changed to "00" and then saved. Now run Foxmail, the forgotten password of the account in front of the "small lock" icon is not, that is, the password has been canceled, Foxmail has not "Remember" This account has been added password, the technique for any version of the Foxmail are effective!

7. Use the View "*" tool

If your foxmail password is forgotten, but you have set the password in the Foxmail, now the password is displayed in the "*" number in the Foxmail, so just right-click your account, select "Properties" in the pop-up menu, then click "Mail Server", where you will see "*" The mailbox password displayed. Then use any password to view the software can be found in the "*" is what the content. For example, the Super Bunny Magic setting software has the ability to view "*" content.

First, select "Properties" → "mail Server" in the Foxmail, and you can see that your password is displayed "*" in the "Password" field. Then run the Super Rabbit Magic Settings software, click the "Password Strategy" option, in the window appears to click the "Show password" button, will be in the Foxmail "password" column shows you have forgotten the password!

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