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In Foxmail, when a user deletes a message, the system does not actually delete it, but simply makes a deletion tag, which may cause the message to occupy too much disk space. To reclaim space, empty the scrap box, and then use the mailbox compression feature. Please ensure that useful messages are not deleted before use.

Manual compression: Select a mailbox, you can through the "Mailbox" menu of "compression" immediately for mailbox compression, you can also use the "Mailbox" menu "Properties", open the Mailbox Properties dialog box, look at the mailbox currently occupied by disk space and space waste, and then decide whether compression. After compression, the system clears the deleted messages from the disk and frees up disk space. If you want to compress all mailboxes at once, follow the "compress all" command on the Mailbox menu.

Auto compression: Through the Account menu, properties, open the Account Properties dialog box, select Receive mail, select the "Compress mailbox" option in the "Mailbox" column, and set a value that defaults to 20%. Thus, when the mailbox space is wasted exceeding this value, Foxmail will automatically compress the mailbox.

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