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For the increasing scope of e-mail applications, users send and receive more and more mail, for the convenience of the user's day-to-day management and reading, Foxmail provides a message filtering function. It can follow the recipient of the message, sender, subject, message body and other conditions to filter the message, and the corresponding conditions of the message can be transferred, copy, reply, run the application and other different processing methods, so that the message can be in accordance with the requirements of the user order emissions, greatly facilitate the user's management of the mail.

To set up message filtering in Foxmail, do the following:

1 Execute the filter command on the Account menu, open the Filter Manager dialog box, and click the Criteria tab.

2) Click the New button.

3 in the "First name" column to enter the corresponding name (just a code only, the actual value is not small).

4 in the "Applies to" box, select whether to filter the received message ("letter" option), or the user sent the message to filter ("send" option), or the user manually select the filter ("Manual processing" option).

5 The location of the item you want to filter in the position column of the condition box (there are a variety of locations, including the recipient, sender, subject, attachment name, message header, message body, and anywhere in the message).

6 Enter the appropriate filter items (such as the sender's name, a paragraph of text in the subject content, the file name of the attachment, and so on) and select the appropriate filter conditions.

7 if the previous set of filtering conditions can not be very good to meet the needs of users, we can also set the first filter conditions under the second filter conditions (the Set method is exactly the same as before).

8 Switch to the Actions tab.

9 Select how you want to filter messages in the list box on the Actions tab, such as deleting, transferring, copying, forwarding, redirecting, replying to, changing labels, making sounds, running applications, displaying messages, etc. directly on the server.

Note: Filters that have the manual options selected do not set the "remove directly from server" action.

10 choose whether or not to skip the filter behind.

11 Repeat 2-8 steps to set other filtering options.

12) Click the "Close" button.

Foxmail filter settings are completed, after which the user sent out the mail, or received the message, the system will automatically filter.

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