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Foxmail use method.

First, account settings

The first time you run Foxmail, the system starts the wizard automatically, directing the user to add the first mail account. The steps are as follows:

1, the first pop-up window to display the message, click the Next button.

2, enter [Create new user Account] window, in [User name] box to lose the user name or code information, this name is used to distinguish the same machine foxmail each user. The Mailbox Path box in the window is used to set the path that Foxmail stores on the hard disk after receiving the message. You can select the default path, the path where the Foxmail program is located, or click the Select button to specify a different location. When you are done, click the Next button.

3, enter the person [mail identity] window. In the sender's name box, enter a title for the message to be used for the inscription. In the Mail address box, enter your existing e-mail address. When you are done, click the Next button.

4. Enter person [specify mail server] window. Confirm POP3 and SMTP server name, account name, password

Click the Next button. The POP3 server and SMTP server address need to view the e-mail service description according to your personal e-mail. For 263 e-mail, the POP3 server is for the 263.NET,SMTP server.

5, the wizard shows that the account is established, click the Finish button to finish.

When you use Foxmail later, you can select the account]->[New command from the menu to open this wizard to create a new user.

You can view user accounts in Foxmail. Click the menu item "account" and select the Bottom "Properties" Xu in the pop-up account menu. Pop-up Account Properties Settings window, select the "Mail Server" tab option in the window, you can check and modify the address of the mail server just set up, and finally fill in the password to access the mailbox (you can also enter the password when you connect to the letter) , the mail server is basically set up.

Second, compose, send mail

Foxmail provides users with a message editor for composing and sending messages, and the steps to compose new messages are as follows:

1, click the Compose button on the toolbar, or select [Mail]->[write new mail] command from the menu bar to open the Mail editor.

2. In the [to] column to fill in the recipient's e-mail address, in the [Subject] column to fill in the subject of the message. In the CC column, fill in several e-mail addresses in a comma-separated order to send the message to someone else at the same time.

3, Foxmail automatically generated the beginning and closing words, users can directly in the text box to write the text of the message. The font and background color of the compose template and letterhead you can select the Options/editor properties setting for the menu.

4, e-mail can be sent with text files, image files and procedures, such as independent files, known as attachments. If you want to send an attachment with the message, click the Attachment button on the window toolbar, select the file in the Open dialog box that appears, and click the Open button. At this point, the icon for the attachment file appears at the bottom of the text box. If there are more than one attachment file, follow this step to increase it.

5, after the message is written, click the [Send] button on the toolbar. If the connection to the Internet has been established, the message is immediately sent out.

You can click the Save button on the toolbar to save the message in the Send queue, and then click the Send button on the main interface toolbar to send it later.

You can also click the draft button to save the message as a draft for the next edit. For most dial-up Internet users, generally offline edit messages, save in the Outbox, and so on the Internet to send together.

Third, receive, read the Mail

The steps to receive and read messages are as follows:

1, double click IE shortcut icon, connect the Internet.

2, double-click foxmail shortcut icon, start Foxmail.

3. Click on the [Collect] button on the Foxmail toolbar to activate a Receive Mail dialog box. Receive mail for the mailbox that is included in the current account. This action can also be performed by selecting the [File]->[receive mail] command from the menu bar. When the collection is complete, a dialog box will appear telling the user how many messages have been received. By default, incoming messages are placed in your inbox.

Select [File]->[to receive all account Mail] command or press F4 to receive mail for all accounts in Foxmail.

4, click the account under the [Inbox] will be in the Mailing list box to display all the messages received. There is an unopened envelope ID before the message that is not read (Figure 3.39). Click any message, and its contents appear in the Message reading box. Double-click the message to open a separate message reading window to facilitate reading of more informative messages.

If the message contains an attachment, an attachment box will automatically be added to the main window to display the file icon and name of the attachment. Double-click the icon for the attachment, and a dialog box will display information about the file type, size, and so on, and include the Open, save, and cancel three buttons. Click the Open button, open the attachment file, and click the Save button to save the attachment to the specified location.

5, if you need to reply to the message, forwarding and send again and so on. At this point, after you select the message you want to work with, you can select these actions directly from the Mail menu or toolbar buttons, or you can right-click the message in the mailing list with your mouse, and choose the appropriate action option from the pop-up menu.

Iv. Related Skills

(i) Use of address books

Foxmail provides an Address book tool that allows users to manage e-mail addresses and personal information. The Foxmail Address Book stores user information as a card, a card that corresponds to a user, including user address information, contact information, and other relevant information.

1. New User Card

The steps are as follows:

(1) A dialog box pops up in the Address Book window by clicking the new Card command on the File menu or clicking the New Card button on the toolbar directly. This dialog box has 5 tabs: [Normal], [personal], [home], [unit], and [other].

(2) Enter a name in the [name] column on the General tab, and then enter the e-mail address of the contact in the e-mail column. If you want to enter other related information, click on the tab and lose the appropriate information.

(3) Click on the [OK] button to complete a card creation.

2, modify user information

The steps for modifying user information are as follows:

(1) Click the Information Bar in the address book that you want to modify

(2) Click the Properties button in the toolbar to open the contact card and make the changes where you want to change it.

3, select the recipient

Select one or more cards and groups in the Address Book, and then click the Write Mail button on the toolbar to compose messages to multiple users.

(ii) Establishment of new electronic mail

FOXMAI1 can set up multiple mailboxes as a directory tree, so you can save letters in categories. If you create a root mailbox, select an account, then select the menu "Mailbox/建新 Mailbox", in the program interface to the left of the Mailbox List window, entered the "new Mailbox 1" Letter of the mailbox, then enter the name of the mailbox, the mailbox is established.

(iii) Establishment of multiple accounts

If the Foxmail program in a computer has several users, or if the user has several e-mail messages to send and receive letters, then a number of accounts need to be established. Select Menu "Account/Build" and the program will invoke the wizard to help you create a new account. When Setup is complete, you can see a new account that also contains a variety of feature mailboxes that can be sent individually.

(iv), remote mailbox management

For users with multiple mailboxes, remote mailbox management allows users to know beforehand what messages are in the mailbox before downloading all messages, and to view, delete, or charge messages directly on the server. The steps are as follows:

From the Tools menu, select Remote Mailbox Management command to open the Remote Mailbox Management window

Click the Info button to get information on the message headers on the server. Select one or more message information, use the right mouse button pop-up menu, or the [File] menu; You can set up a collection of messages, do not charge, collect, delete, or delete actions on the server.

When the settings are complete, click the Execute button on the toolbar to perform.

With the remote mailbox Management feature, you can help users who have multiple mailboxes manage to reduce spam harassment and manage messages efficiently when the server is slower.

(v) Establishment of multiple POP3 connections

If the user has more than one mailbox. In Foxmail, multiple-mailbox management can be achieved by establishing multiple POP3 connections.

The steps to establish multiple POP3 connections are as follows:

1, from the menu bar select [Account]->[Properties] command, open the [Account Properties] dialog box.

2. In the Left list box, select [Other POP3] options, and in the right window, click the New button to open the Connect dialog.

3, in the [Connect] dialog box, fill in the display name, POP3 server address, account name, password, and then click the OK button.

4, continue to add additional POP3 connection, and then click the OK button.

You can choose whether to use this POP3 connection before each new POP3 connection has a check box. Foxmail will receive mail from all selected POP3 mailboxes in the account.

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