[FPGA black gold Development Board] released the second generation of black gold core board HJ-II-CORE

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I. The core Board uses a more advanced FPGAEp3c16q240With more resources and higher performance;

Ii. Core Board4-layer PCBDesign, more stable, more professional! Can be used in industrial products;

III,Wide power input (7.5v ~ 16 V) Design, Including anti-plug-in and anti-attack functions, and built-inThree-way switch power supply moduleMore environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It can be used not only as a Development Board, but also as a good design reference for industrial applications;

Iv. built-in2 M Flash, Can store niosiiCode, FPGA logic, font library, user images, etc;

5. built-in8 M SDRAMTo run niosii;

6. built-in512 K byte high-speed SRAMHigh-speed data caching;

7. Perfect pin expansion, which can be used for pre-project verification and can be used as the product core board controller for convenient application in various electronic competitions;

8. built-in 10 m Crystal Oscillator with powerful cycloneiii PLL, wider available clock frequency range;

9. built-in JTAG/as download port, one-click Configuration circuit, one-Click Reset circuit, and more convenient debugging;

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