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Free VPN, vpn

I will not talk about what VPN does. I will give you a free VPN URL (one-hour VPN). Some of you may know this, but some do not know it, in the spirit of sharing happiness, the bloggers will share with you that cainiao can easily use VPN. This website will provide free VPN accounts and passwords, however, the password in the free version will be updated once an hour (maybe shorter), so you have to reset and connect once. For Android Developers, it is sufficient to visit the Google developer website!

Free vpn url:

You can pay attention to this website at any time, so that you can make changes in time!

After setting according to the tutorial, see how the effect:

Download Android Studio:

Some problems encountered when installing win version AndroidStudio by the way:

1. gradle sync failed:

This problem occurs because gradle will be downloaded after Studio is installed. This is because the download fails. You can first download it on drive C: \ Users \ my-pc \. gradle \ wrapper \ dists \ downloads):, then decompress the file to add it, And try-againyour project is ready;

2. Install the Android SDK Build-Tools 19.1

To solve this problem, open SDK Manager and update Android SDK Build-Tools;

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