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For those who use WordPress to build a website, in addition to special requirements, they will be able to obtain the latest features by updating to the latest version, and they will also be able to fix known problems. Although WordPress has been built to automatically detect updates, if you are used to writing articles using an offline editor, you may rarely log on to the background, at this time, you need a third-party service for monitoring and control.
WP Remote is a foreign service that provides Remote security monitoring, instant update, and backup functions for WordPress users since the beginning of last year. Even if you have several WordPress websites to manage, you can do this through a WP Remote. The console will display the theme of your website, plug-ins, and other updates. You can directly upgrade your website through the Remote terminal.
The most amazing thing about WP Remote is its BackupFunction to back up all files and databases on your website as zip files and download them back to your computer. It is easy for users who are not familiar with backup. WP Remote does not require you to enter your website account or password. Instead, you can use APIs to perform Remote management programs. All processes are encrypted using SSL to ensure the security of the connection between users and servers.
Website name: WP Remote
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Register for the first time and set WP Remote
1. for friends who use it for the first time, enable the WP Remote homepage, click the Sign up for Free button, and enter your name, Email address, and password to register an account.
After registration, go to the WP Remote console, click the gear icon on the left, and select Add Site to Add a WordPress website.
2. Enter the website name and URL, and press Add Site to start detection.
3. The prompt message indicating that the WP Remote plug-in is not installed on your website is displayed. Copy the generated API Key and save it properly. Click to install The WP Remote plug-in, and click "The WP Remote WordPress Plugin" on Baidu. After the installation is complete, a yellow prompt is displayed on the top, and you can paste the API Key. Now WP Remote has been connected to your website.
Update the plug-in or topic with WP Remote
1. Return to WP Remote and click Refresh at the bottom to Refresh the page. You can see that it has received the information on your website, including your core version, plug-ins, and themes.
If a plug-in is not updated to the latest version, the current version is displayed below. In addition, WP Remote also checks whether your website is secure and jumps out of warning when there is any harm.
2. Click the small icon at the rear to update the plug-in to the latest version.
3. What if you have a plug-in or a theme that has been modified and you do not want to update it automatically?
Click "Settings" next to the plug-in or set topic. The following screen is displayed, excluding the plug-in or topic you do not want to update via WP Remote, in this way, the update prompt is not displayed!
4. You can see your updated History records from the History above, and the time will be displayed later!
Back up WordPress with WP Remote
1. Do you remember that WP Remote, as I mentioned earlier, also has the backup function? Click Backups, and then press Download Site (Calculating)You can package all the files and databases of the WordPress website into compressed files for download. According to your data volume, the preparation time is different. After you click it, open the webpage and automatically download it later.
WP Remote backup is stored in Amazon S3, using AES-256 encryption, users do not have to worry about file outflow or data theft and other issues, even if the other party gets your database backup, the password is also encrypted.
If you want to temporarily Disable the update function to prevent theme or plug-in Updates, click Settings and then press Disable Updates to Disable the update function.
If you do not want to continue using WP Remote, it also provides the delete function. You only need to delete your website in WP Remote and remove the WP Remote plug-in when you return to your website, can this function be completely disabled ?? ? P Remote is so convenient and easy to use. Do you want to delete it?

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