Free Learning for smart car system solutions

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Free Learning for smart car system solutions

This design scheme is dedicated to all the riders who fought alone like me. May you take a detour. This quad-rotor solution may be the simplest and most feasible solution, mainly based on the size of the light source to distinguish between front and rear lights and beacon. It is intended to serve as a reference and hope that the great gods can put forward suggestions for improvement. The materials are downloaded from the hacker network technical forum. If you have any questions, add a group for consultation: 813238832

The entire system is divided into a camera identification system for hovering and a smart car control system for the ground. Both systems use mkl26z256vll4 as the core control unit. The Identification System in the left-side Navigation Pane obtains the location of the ground beacon and the relative pose of the Smart car by simulating the camera ov5116, and obtains the offset angle of the Smart Car relative to the beacon after image processing, the data is transmitted to the controlled Smart car through Bluetooth communication;

The Smart car system consists of the steering gear, drive DC motor, motor drive circuit, power supply regulator circuit, speed measurement circuit, and other circuits; the Smart car system adjusts the output pulse of the control steering gear through the offset angle received by Bluetooth to correct the steering gear angle; the speed control is completed by the Smart car system by controlling the motor speed through the driving circuit. By means of steering control and speed control, the model can automatically approach the beacon to complete the task.

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2. Overall solution design
2.1 embedded system structure hierarchy
Embedded Software Components (ESC) refers to a group of encapsulated, standardized, reusable, and embedded software units that can implement certain embedded system functions, is a functional unit for organizing embedded systems. Embedded Software Components include high-level software components and underlying software components. Although the high-level component has nothing to do with the hardware, the underlying component is closely related to the hardware. It encapsulates the hardware driver and provides interfaces for the high-level software component to access the hardware. Among the hardware components, the minimum system of MCU (micro-control unit) is composed of core components. Generally, the MCU includes some common input and output ports and built-in function modules. The driver of the general input and output ports can be encapsulated as gpio components through the underlying components, encapsulate drivers of various built-in function modules as function components, such as A/D conversion component, serial communication component, and timer component.
In the hardware component layer, both the terminal component and the intermediate component are external devices of the core component, underlying peripheral components are software components encapsulated by drivers of these external devices. It should be noted that not all terminal components and intermediate components can be used as direct programming objects. For example, the logic level conversion hardware circuit of hardware components such as keyboard and LCD is unrelated to programming, so there is no corresponding underlying driver, so there is no corresponding software component. The hierarchical model of software components and hardware components of the embedded system is shown in figure 2.1.

2.2 control solution introduction
This design requires that the camera acquisition system with the subject hovering over the left-side camera can accurately identify the relative position of the beacon and the model. Therefore, the whole system consists of the camera acquisition system and the smart car control system, both systems use kl26 as the main control chip and transmit data through wireless bluetooth communication. The basic system architecture is shown in Figure 2.2.

Free Learning for smart car system solutions

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