Free. netframework obfuscation tool Babel obfuscator Gui

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Free. netframework obfuscation tool Babel obfuscator Gui
The GUI tool of Babel obfuscator
This tools support Babel obfuscator 1.3 and later:
Most of the tools I found that can be used to obfuscate Silverlight Code are not free. but the Babel obfuscator by Albert to ferrazzoli is an open source. net obfuscator that can be used in Silverlight based projects.

This tool
Support Babel version and later

1. The Free Edition does not support obfuscating xap files directly but you can unzip the files first or integrate the Babel tool into your build process.
2. Not all command line parameters/options are supported in free edition like:
-- Msil
-- Deadcode
3. Some assemblies (DLL's) that contain resources do not seem to obfuscate correctly.
4. You can download the free edition from

Software requirements
· Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003

· Microsoft Net Framework 3.5

Chinese description:
I had a similar idea, but I don't have time to do it. At present, the obfuscator is not very powerful, but some methods have their own characteristics.
In particular, it is not free to find the Silverlight obfuscation tool.
This Babel obfuscator is open-source for free and supports Silverlight.
The latest version 3.0 also has a free version)
1. The free version does not support xap files. decompress the files and then package them in ZIP format.

-- Msil
-- Deadcode
These two functions are not supported in the free version.

3. If there is a resource file DLL
You can use

4. Free Edition can go to
Free Download
This GUI tool supports Babel obfuscator 1.3 and later.

Babel obfuscator

· Supports Microsoft net frameworks 1.1, 2.0, and 3.5

· Obfuscation of namespace, type, method, events, properties and fields

· Unicode Obfuscation

· Msil process Obfuscation

· String Encryption

· Dead code)

· Strong naming and re-Signature

· Anti-compiler such as reflector and ildasm

System Requirements:
· Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003

· Microsoft Net Framework 3.5
The free version does not support msbuild and other things...

Filesize: 78kb
Filename: babelgui.rar





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