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In Linux, the most commonly used remote management tools are SSH clients, such as putty and securecrt. However, ssh only provides the character interface operation mode. Sometimes we need graphical interface operations, in Linux, tools that support graphical interface remote management include VNC and freenx, but VNC occupies too much resources. Therefore, I would like to introduce freenx to you, which has advantages in resource usage, easy configuration at the same time.

Take centos 5.5 (32bit) as an example to see how to deploy and use freenx Remote Desktop:

1. Use securecrt to log on to the centos Server

2. Use Yum to install X Window System

[Root @ server ~] #Yum groupinstall "X Window System"

3. Install the lightweight desktop system xfce

[Root @ server ~] # Yum groupinstall xfce
4. Install freenx

[Root @ server ~] # Yum install freenx
So far, the server side Program Installation is complete.

Next install the client program, log on to the Website:, download: NX Client for Windows, and install.

5. Use the NX client to log on to the centos Server

Double-click the desktop icon "NX Client for Windows ",
Enter the session name centos 5.5 in the session, and enter the IP address or Host Name of the NX server in the host (DNS resolution is supported):, as shown below:

Click "Next" and select the "Unix" and "Custom" drop-down boxes, as shown below:

Click "Settings", select the "run the following command" radio button, enter startxfce4 in the text box below, and select the "new virtual desktop" radio button, click "OK" to confirm, as shown below:

Select "Next" twice and "finish" as follows:

Select "Configure", click "key", and use centos system/etc/nxserver/client. replace the content in the id_dsa.key file with the content here, click "save", "OK", and then enter root and password after "login, click "login" to remotely log on to the centos graphic desktop environment.

[Root @ server ~] # CD/etc/nxserver/
[Root @ server nxserver] # Ls
Client. id_dsa.key node. conf. Sample passwords. orig users. id_dsa
Node. conf passwords server. users.
[Root @ server nxserver] #Cat
Client. id_dsa.key
----- Begin DSA Private Key -----
Miibugibaakbgqdhbxavbovf7lx3luolpszp7nywynizwbpiobe328 + kxeucrryi
Gjencxycx + gmvnsaid 2grix7ws6oxa6gbuw/T/c2xe3uhd1r3silycsdbyyspm7eeh
Export avz8abnuwt + xdqxcocm4/o9uth + zjjk18linirfgzcabkp55xhm4yexwivaktq
Hr1wcfe47v2tneqvymo09zfxaogacugsnkttmpyafe/7ukv3thhi9xsawdl2kal +
0 h/noszjrgeg/zy0/iceuffnpo3bwcb1 +/nrmyxwnvfvvyae2bed7szvrtpfxzfa
5ycnmd62mgmmoym02fx9qyx9oriaslqane + awfeofh6bb0fxx1x5stz9lyymztrr
Oiijxtkcgyaeh6xa8tgqihabt2 + i2ddeacfeqprlufiardudg6fokvdcpa4n + Ilh
Ecx5elua6lm18jmiy8veeqq5 + qrfdafmjnejviwzwfxro/yg9fmnbli4xe1syo2g
+ Xswhfaxtkprnqju5ue =
----- End DSA Private Key -----

After you log on to the remote desktop, the following information is displayed:

Right-click the desktop and select "terminal" to open the terminal interface, as shown below:

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