Frequent job hopping is a must for Economic Development

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In spring, the spring of China's workplace has always been the golden season for Job hopping. the bonus and share of the previous year have already been put in place, and it is the time for job change to raise the salary. In the view of many Chinese employees, job-hopping is the best way to increase wages.

Talking to Japanese employees about the term of employment in a company is often surprising. Not long ago, when I joined a company not well-known in Japan, both directors have already worked in this unknown company.20After many years of college graduation, I have never changed my hometown. I was asked why I needed to change my career. Afterwards, I realized that frequent job hopping is a strange task of poverty.

The diversification of China's economic ownership is the biggest culprit of frequent job-hopping. The employees of state-owned enterprises envy the income of private enterprises, and the employees of private enterprises envy the white-collar employees of foreign companies, taiwan-funded enterprises envy Japan, South Korea, and Japan, while Europe and America. The huge wage gap in the same position is the root cause of frequent job changes. Similarly, changing a company means a rise in wages, employees should not be blamed for job-hopping.

Another reason for frequent job hopping is that the wage income of most jobs is not enough to support consumption. Even if the minimum wage is used, the job will not be full or not warm, the income gap between different social classes still makes most employees in the workplace take wages as the first choice to judge their positions and positions. People who do not have a house yearn for housing and do not have a car to pursue cars, if the most basic life and work environment cannot be balanced, it is difficult to expect Chinese employees not to change jobs.

30Even if well-known economists outside China are surprised by the high growth in the year, Chinese-style economic growth is also seen by many as an atypical growth. Even so, Chinese employees still do not feel the safety of the future, fearing illness and worry about elder care, the 40-Year-Old earning enough money to retire has become the dream of many entrepreneurs, representing the pursuit of many employees in the workplace. In developed society, even the most common employees can do this."Enjoy life"In China, the Garden of Eden has become a minority. Even if the value of China is ten million, they dare not relax their hard work on their careers. After all, the value of ten thousand does not mean that the economy of life is carefree, just as in 1980s, the ten thousand yuan households have crossed the time and space and today they are also the only ones who are poor. The rapid economic development has forced every Chinese to feel the pressure.

The economic gap between the central and western regions, the income gap between large cities, and the middle cities are all the reasons for job-hopping. The same difference in salaries in different cities also results in the mobility and frequent job-hopping in China's workplace, although the United States has the same economic gap between different regions, even in economically outdated areas, it can also ensure food and clothing, and the wage difference is often offset by the comfort of life, as long as this difference exists in China's workplace flow, it is difficult to change.

Frequent job hopping is not just what the company expects, but is not what the employees think, and no one is willing to change jobs. However, in the phase of economic transformation and rapid development, frequent job hopping is inevitable, reflecting the value of employees is a must for retaining outstanding employees. improving employees' personal strength and adapting to changes in the workplace is a means of higher treatment. Job-hopping can certainly increase their wages. If their abilities cannot be improved, there will always be ceilings in the workplace. Adapting to the job-hopping culture is a must for Chinese enterprises and Chinese employees.

Before China's economy and life catch up with the western advanced countries, frequent job-hopping is an inevitable necessity for economic development. (Author: laomiao)

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