Frequently Used VI shortcut keys

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CTRL + W + J (K, H, L) Move the window, note that it is in upper case

: Only close all other windows

: Sh in Windows and Linux

Exit with: Sh to enter shell, return to VIM

When ctags-r shell is used, the Tag file is generated in a large directory.

CTRL +] = Shift + y jump to the cursor tag Definition

CTRL + W +] the file defined for the variable at the cursor position is opened, and the cursor jumps there, because my shift + W equals Ctrl + W

So it is equivalent to Shift + W +]

CTRL + T = Shift + t jump back tag

: Tag same_is <tab> press enter to automatically jump to the same_isbn definition.

: Stag same_isbn open this tag in the new window

:., $ S/string1/string2/G String replacement

WM fileexploer

TL taglist

Exit QA all

Save all wqa files and exit

Zo fold






Move the GD cursor to the local variable definition and highlight all, just like searching

GF open the file where the cursor is located in this window

CTRL + O jump back, very common

CTRL + W f open the file with the cursor in the new window


XP cursor character and the next character exchange position

Place all rows of the DDP cursor IN THE NEXT SESSION

* It is equivalent to GD, but the cursor does not reach the variable definition.

X Delete cursor characters

D. Delete the entire line after the cursor.

CC deletes and edits a row

R replaces the character of the cursor

Dd deletes a row

C. Delete the line after the cursor and edit it.

DAW deletes a word.

F'x' returns a character to the row.

% Jump to matching brackets

M 'X' sets the flag to jump to the flag








No tab, only split

Tab new. Open another file in the current directory and add it to another bookmarks.



Gg = G

= {




CTRL + G display file name: F must be combined with PWD to view the absolute path


F4 gray

F7 white

Hi clear + set BG = light white default

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