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1. Search for some keywords on Google, Edit. asp? South Korea has many bots, most of which are MSSQL databases!
2. Go to Google, site: inurl: ASP
3, the use of chicken and an ASP Trojan. File Name Is login. asp path l_keylink "href =" "> Asp login, such as not registered to become a member! You can select either upload_bm1.asp or upload_c1.asp. Generally, administrators ignore these two vulnerabilities.
6. Default database address: blogdata/acblog. Asa Keyword: acblog
7. You can directly upload the ASA file in Baidu/htdocs registration!
8./database/# newasp. mdb keywords: newasp sitemanagesystem version
9. Keyword of excavator: powered by webboy page:/upfile. asp
10. Search for the keyword ver5.0 build 0519 in Baidu (upload vulnerability exists)
11. upfile_article.asp BBS/upfile. asp: powered by mypower,
12. inurl: winnt \ system32 \ inetsrv \ enter this in Google to find many websites.
13. Now Google searches for the keyword intitle: Website Assistant inurl: ASP
14. Key words: homepage latest news newbie guide dance music download center classic article players' elegant demeanor equipment purchase station rumor friendship connection station Forum rooster keyword add setup. asp
15. Default database address of the VBulletin Forum! /Shortdes/functions. php tool: 1. Website HUNTER: Baidu Google! 2. Google Keyword: powered by: VBulletin version 3.0.1 powered by: VBulletin version 3.0.2 powered by: VBulletin version 3.0.3.
16. 1. Open Baidu or Google search and enter powered by comersus ASP shopping cart open source. This is a mall system. 2. There is a comersus open technologies LC at the bottom of the website. Open it and check it ~~ Comersus system ~ As you can guess, comersus. MDB. Database names are stored after database/, so database/comersus. mdb comersus_listcategoriestree.asp is changed to database/comersus. MDB and cannot be downloaded. In this way
''Store/'', and add database/comersus. MDB.
17. Carefree legend Official Site program. 1. backend management address: http: // your domain name/msmiradmin/2. Default backend management account: msmir 3. Default backend management password: The msmirmsmir database file is http: // your domain name/msmirdata/msmirarticle. the mdb database connection file is ***********/Conn. ASP
18. Enter/skins/default/in Baidu/
19. Use the excavator's key machine: power by discuz path:/wish. php with: discuz! Wish. php Remote Inclusion Vulnerability tool in the Forum
20. Upload Vulnerability. Tool: domain3.5 website hunter 1.5 keyword powered by mypower detection page or file insertion upfile_photo.asp
21. The new cloud vulnerability is available in both access and SQL versions. Google searches for the keyword "about this site-website help-advertising cooperation-download Declaration-friendship connection-website map-management login" to flash/downfile. asp? Url = uploadfile/.../../Conn. asp submitted to the website root directory. You can download conn. asp from the source code, software, and other download sites. If the database is replaced by % 23, you can download \ database \ % 23newasp. mdb, for example, # xzws. mdb, and change it to % 23xzws. MDB.
22. all shopping mall + power upload system tools used: Zhuji V1.1 mingxiao mall intrusion: keywords: purchase-> Add to shopping cart-> go to cashier-> confirm Recipient Information-> select payment method-> select delivery method-> online payment or remittance after order-> remittance confirmation-> delivery-> vulnerability completion page: upload. ASP upfile_flash.asp Dynamic intrusion: Keyword: powered by mypower vulnerability page: upfile_photo.asp upfile_soft.asp upfile_adpic.asp upfile_softpic.asp
23. admin_articlerecyclebin.asp inurl: admin_articlerecyclebin.asp
24. Tools: web site hunter keywords: inurl: went. asp Suffix: Manage/login. asp password: 'or' = 'or'
25. Tools Required to intrude into the Warcraft private server: One ASP Trojan. Domain3.5 Keyword: All right reserved design: Game Alliance background address: admin/login. ASP database address: chngame/# chngame. MDB
26. The vulnerability is caused by errors set by the Administrator IIS. the keyword "Baidu" is a rare Script Name. Net: reloadforumcache. asp leadbbs: makealltopanc. asp bbsxp: admin_fso.asp: admin_articlerecyclebin.asp.
27. Keyword: Sad Raven's Guestbook password address:/passwd. dat background address:/admin. php
28. Keyword: sunnex background path/system/manage. asp directly uploads ASP Trojan
29. tool 1: web site hunter 2: A keyword of the horse: Do not disable the cookies function; otherwise, you will not be able to log on to the plug-in DIY. asp
30. Keyword: team5 studio all rights reserved default database: Data/team. MDB
31. Tool: excavator auxiliary Minister database reader Keyword: Enterprise Profile product list suffix added:/database/myszw. mdb background address: admin/login. asp
32. Key sub-xxx inurl: nclass. asp writes a trojan in "system settings. Will be saved to config. asp.
33. Why do I still use webshell data. asp without entering the background? Action = backupdata default path for online database backup 36. Tool: webshell Keyword: inurl: went. asp Suffix: Manage/login. asp weak password: 'or' = 'or'
34. Enter leichinews to remove the keyword behind leichinews. Mark it as admin/uploadpic. asp? Actiontype = mod & picname = xuanran. asp and then upload the Trojan... to access the uppic anran. asp and log on to the Trojan.
35. 1. Search for a large number of injection keywords via Google: asp? Id = 1 Id = page number: 100 language: Enter the language of the country you want to intrude.
36. Keyword: powered by: 94 kkbbs 2005 use the password retrieval function to retrieve Admin. Question: ddddd answer: ddddd
37. keyword: ****** inurl: readnews. ASP changes the last one/to % 5c, directly exposes the database, reads the password, and adds a piece of news to the background. In the title, enter our one-sentence Trojan.
38. Tool: one-sentence Trojan bbsxp 5.0 SP1 administrator guess interpreter keywords: powered by bbsxp5.00 into the background, back up one-sentence Trojan!
39. Keyword: Program core: bjxshop online shop expert background:/admin

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