Friends Alliance hands-on tour share recruitment | Fought's Chinese hand tour, see how the developer breakout

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In the 2015, some innovative games were successful in attracting attention and appearing on the leaderboard for a long time. For example, Stickman Alliance, Ball big War, and so on, no well-known IP, but the daily live nearly million!

Why do these innovative games occupy the top of the list for a long time? How can I make a game that is favored by the player in the case of limited capital investment? The reason behind this is well worth exploring! Their successful experience is also the focus of hand-tour developers.

July 29, Friends Alliance hand-sharing Meeting (Shanghai), for you to uncover the secrets behind the innovative game!

Event Highlights

Famous hand-tour producer to share

Chen Yuanpeng : Veewo COO, a well-known game producer. has done well-known "1024" and "Dark Chop", "dark Chop" was once recommended by the U.S. APP store. To make a game that is popular with gamers, it is not only easy to get started, Chen Yuanpeng will share the "know-how" of hand-made travel.

Play Hard Saburo (Liang): Trench game Creative director, Forge House hero Tan producer. Its first game, "Forge the house hero Tan", in the APP store China pay game category highest ranking 39. Where does this "choking" game idea come from and what problems are encountered during the production process? The story behind this game will be shared with the three-Lang.

Sun Feng : CEO of the Grape arcade. The attention of the hand-play home is not only the game itself, but also the game equipment, television games is one of the most widely watched. Which games can get a better experience on TV? What optimizations and modifications do I need to make to run the tour on TV? Will video games challenge the future of the hand-tour market? Sun Feng will share how to make a video game that players love.

2015 Hand Tour Industry Data Report starter

Do you know the inevitable link between player sex and game category? Do you know what the "aunts" and "uncles" have in their game preferences? Do you know the relationship between all kinds of games and players ' consumption level? Compared to the previous slightly "cold" industry data, this year the data has "worth seeing"! This report to everyone to bring more clear and detailed analysis of the player's portrait, the Friends of the league hand-sharing tour to witness the first hand tour data Report!

Event Schedule

Event Time

July 29 14:00-16:30

Event Location

Shanghai IC Coffee (3/F, Legend Square, No. 635 Blue Ocean Road, Pudong, near Zhangjiang subway station)

Click here , enter the registration page.

The event by hand to travel that point, Pocket bus, game teahouse and hot money network to provide full media support.

The first time to get Friends League ChinaJoy The latest event information, welcome to follow the Official league:Umengcom.

Friends Alliance hands-on tour share recruitment | Fought's Chinese hand tour, see how the developer breakout

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