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Friends Web Mobile Client download page design share

Let's take a look at some simple data:

According to a report published by Google,

①97% 's Chinese cities already have mobile phones, 35% of which have smartphones;

② between television and smartphones, 50% of respondents said they preferred to give up television rather than smartphones;

③ Chinese city smartphone users are using smartphones anytime and anywhere, including home (66%), Travel (59%), rides (52%), restaurants (38%) and shopping malls (30%) are the most frequently used smartphones;

(Data source "China City smartphone Data Survey Report";

Predictable in the future of the Internet, mobile-side platform construction will gradually become the core of the development of Internet enterprises.

And with more and more mobile devices at home and abroad, the user's demand for mobile services also increased, no matter when and where, users are happy to access the Internet information via mobile phone;

Currently, 75% of Chinese city smartphone users socialize with smartphones every week, close to the traditional network of social networking (84%), and as the mobile internet matures, access to Internet information via handheld mobile devices is expected to become a mainstream network access in the near future.

At this stage of the network service products, the web end of the full display of mobile phone content, mobile phone-side condensed web-side essence, the two are complementary, in mutual influence also promote each other. The mainstream design process is from the web end to the mobile phone, while some foreign products have begun to try reverse design, priority to the mobile phone, and then according to the mobile phone function to extend and extend to the web side, I believe, this is also a future network services product design trend.

Of course, at present the web side already has a friend network this more mature product, in this premise, this design we need to do is, by enhances the web design to attract the user to download the app.

1 Preliminary discussion

After receiving the demand list, first of all, from their own products, combined with domestic and foreign excellent app download page for analysis.

And then to determine the network of Friends mobile phone client download a number of key points, are: lightweight light, page space, browsing comfort.

1.1 Light weight Lightweight

In the literal sense, light weight is a word "less" in the final analysis;

In the Copy, screen and other elements to streamline, to ensure that the browser for the page and the client has enough knowledge, while in the details to do Kung Fu, in order to achieve "less is more" effect, without losing user awareness and complete expression, is our design of this page "lightweight" definition;

1.2 Page Space Sense

In fact, in the page for information browsing, and in the reality of the library browse state is similar;

No one would like to restrict the browsing of information in a small space, and we can provide breathable and comfortable page space to the user to ensure that the user is willing to stay on this page more time, because at least it is not too crowded.

This piece we are mainly for the page design elements of processing, do not need too much material accumulation, grasp the most can express the characteristics of the core client features.

1.3 Browsing Comfort

Users in the page of text information browsing is like using a computer, and too much copy information is like a computer system useless deposition files, will affect the speed and understanding of browsing;

About the text information browsing, our definition of comfort is: Fast browsing copy information, easy access to the text of the theme; So for the copy of the discussion, a reduction and simplification, in the guarantee of information to express the integrity of the situation, as far as possible with one or two words to describe the network of Friends mobile phone client function

2 Design Process

We feel that design is to find a critical point that most people recognize at the same time visual beauty;

And the process of design is a process from scratch, from have to excellent one update iteration.

2.1 The design process of this page is tortuous

The 4 programs in this diagram represent the four stages of the design process, from traditional page design to breaking the framework to simplify, to life emotional painting, and final confirmation;

This is a process of exploration and progress, although some twists and turns, but through the repeated discussions, and constantly tear down the existing design and redesign, eventually we envision the direction is right, we just want to make a better page design.

For the product and design itself, our most basic desire is to hope that when users see this page, not too ugly.

Of course, we also believe that we can do better.

2.2 Our insistence in the design

Before and after a total of 4 version of the design plan. In the continuous optimization design, but also in the continuous optimization of the elements of the design, but the most basic adhere to the bottom line is to ensure that the page lightweight, page space and browsing comfort.

This is the key point in the preliminary discussion, in the entire process of page design, each version of the design center points are retained and optimized in the next edition; whether it is done to cut down or do an extension, the initial three key points for the page design of the most basic insistence.

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