Friendship link is not a means of friendship

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Do Baidu to promote the people I am afraid have a common-outside the chain, especially links; Seo know that links in the site weight promotion and keyword ranking plays a huge role is irreplaceable. However, as long as you pay attention to foreign websites, you will know that the links are few sites. So what does friendship link represent? In fact, friendship links to the emphasis on friendship, not means; Friendship links are search engines want, but also netizens want;

However, many webmaster just link as a keyword ranking means to operate, so that many Web site content and keyword rankings do not match the performance. For example, the author recently observed a god horse net, there is no so-called Hefei SEO related content, but its ranking in the 2nd place, had to say very disappointing users ... Many do Taobao guest webmaster use "Taobao shopping", "Taobao Mall" and so on, and even "Taobao home" hot keyword to do friendship links to achieve ranking effect; So for users, such links will be in what position? After entering the user can not find the information they want, conveniently close; Stationmaster spends a lot of strength the end result makes people worry ...

Friendship links are more important than friendship, not means:

Friendship links inside the most important 2 words is friendship, very despise some stationmaster exchange finish the link that they want, immediately removed. This is the result of one-way link effect is very good, but have you ever thought that the webmaster will regularly check the friendship link, removed after the site's keyword rankings The disadvantage is also huge. For that by virtue of friendship links do rank, but the content and links and irrelevant webmaster, why?

Links are the search engine wants, but also netizens want:

As a netizen, when browsing the web, once you find what you want, after about a few seconds to give up looking. So many famous sites have added links to services to give up the search for users, search engine links to the importance of friendship is understandable. Search engine is adapted to the popular, and the meaning of the internet is "interconnected", friendship links just experience this point, so the link in the search engine in the eyes of a lot of weight.

Links weight in quality:

This is also a lot of webmaster exchange links, industry-related reasons. High-quality outside the chain for the site rankings have great benefits, so trigger the chain trading; However, the search engine for the fight against this behavior has been very strict, once found, the consequences you know.

The intention of friendship links is to promote each other:

The former webmaster exchange links is for traffic interchange, such as shopping site and shopping forum Exchange links to the goal is to win the promotion of mutual benefit, webmaster hope that visitors to the site in addition to shopping, but also to enter the shopping forum to communicate; However, many of the webmaster are just a link as a keyword ranking means, and even some trading links and cheat chain behavior, this is very distressing.

Hangzhou website Optimization tells us that friendship links to the friendship, is not a means, the intention is to promote each other, never to rank and rank. The end result is not the search engine pass you, is the user pass you. With this time and energy, it is better to write a few high-quality articles, not only increased the site content construction, for the user experience to upgrade is also very helpful; maybe also can send a few soft wen, the quality of the chain is better than friendship links, do not worry about being compromised or withdrawn, why not?!!! This article from, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

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