From Bluetooth development to PC [4] -- communication between mobile phones and PCs

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Previous articlesArticleThis article describes how to use the bluetooth technology to connect a mobile phone to a PC, after this step is completed, we can further develop a mobile phone remote control similar to a computer.

In fact, the author later I feel that this article is not much to write, the reason is that the difficulty of transferring from the mobile phone to the PC is not encoding, but j2se itself does not provide the Implementation of The JSR-82 specification. Therefore, the key to the problem is how to support the development of Bluetooth applications on the j2se platform. Later, I found an open source component bluecove. jar package on the Internet, the jar package implements the JSR-82 specification, it as an external jar package imported to ourProgramYou can develop a Bluetooth Application. Download bluecove:/files/royenhome/bluecove2.03.rar.

I was going to write a simple program for mobile phone and PC communications. I thought about it later.CodeIt is not similar to the code given in the previous article, so I decided to implement a simple mobile phone Remote Control Computer Program in the next blog (the last article should be completed, the source code is provided for you to download and learn. So in this article, I will only introduce how to use the bluecove component!

Create a j2se Project (New-> JAVA project), and copy the downloaded jar package of bluecover to the project root directory. Right-click the project name and choose "build path-> Configure build path". A window is displayed, as shown below:

In the displayed window, find the "Libraries" option and click "add jars" on the right ". In the displayed window, the current Eclipse project is listed. In the current project, you can find the copied jar package. After selecting the jar package, click OK to complete the configuration. This is simple ~ For example:

With the above configuration, you can develop a Bluetooth program on the J2EE application platform as easily as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me. Your support will be my greatest motivation ~







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